How to Improve Student Engagement & Learning Outcomes? Conversation with Pankaj Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, TagHive

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Technology can help transform learning. But as numerous studies have shown, more tech in the classroom doesn't automatically equal better results. EdTech is defined as the balanced integration of appropriate tools, techniques, or processes that facilitate the application of senses, memory, and cognition to enhance teaching practices and improve learning outcomes.


Based on all our conversations with teachers globally, good EdTech solutions often solve for two key pillars of education - increased access and improved engagement.

But how many teachers and schools are able to solve these?

According to the response from teachers who participated in a Indian survey, only 55 percent of the students are actively engaged in learning. Teachers opined that students from government schools are far less engaged (51 percent) than those in private schools (67 percent). Further, student engagement is perceived to drop from the school level (61 percent) to higher education level (50 percent).

Though gradually, all the countries across the globe are recognizing the need to improve student engagement and learning outcomes as well as the power of technology to support the goal of literacy and 21st century skill development.

With 500 million Indians going to have access to internet via their smart-phones, there lies a tremendous opportunity for a new wave of EdTech innovations. "What we need to focus on is that these innovations are truly customer and user-centric with sharp focus on helping achieve outcomes instead of just pushing "good" content", says Namita Dalmia from Omidyar Network in a report.

We believe, to successfully implement and use technology to improve the learning outcomes, a planned approach needs to be followed that includes fostering school environments where school community supports the EdTech adoption; providing relevant training and professional development to stakeholders, embedding it within daily school schedule and tailoring pedagogy as per engagement needs.

Some of these plans are being implemented by EdTech companies like TagHive, a Samsung funded company based in South Korea, with its product Class Saathi - a classroom clicker solution designed to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. Class Saathi is an affordable & unique solution which gives each student a voice and helps teachers get instant feedback on students’ performance.

Clicker or alternately also referred to as student response system have been proven to be an effective classroom tool. Class Saathi builds on that with a robust system to encourage more active participation resulting in better student learning outcomes. Class Saathi powers the future classroom with teaching content, quiz content, real time data and detailed statistics.

Classroom Clicker SolutionClass Saathi, a Classroom Clicker Solution, comes as a stand-alone solution in two basic variations – Mobile Solution & Desktop Solution – to support classrooms with various levels of technology readiness. Both these solutions are ready -to-use solutions right out of the box. This ensures that as a teacher, your focus is on teaching and tracking students’ learning rather than setting up the tech.

The self-sufficient Class Saathi kit requires only either a smartphone or a PC (with internet) to unleash new magical learning experience in the classroom. With multiple features like attendance, quizzes, voting, & more, the app can help teachers collect useful data from the students & hence manage the classroom better. The mobile version works perfectly fine even without internet connectivity.

Multiple Features


Students responses can be recorded through clicker devices which will be provided to each student in the classroom. Students can also alert the teacher if they have any question or query during class, thereby increasing engagement. Additionally, these clickers can be used by the teachers to grab students’ attention.
As global research has shown the benefits of rewards in learning, the company has included badges of appreciation in Class Saathi kit that can be used by teacher to award students and recognize their achievements.

The product has shown remarkable improvement in learning outcomes. The company has successfully piloted Class Saathi in 20 schools with 1071 students. Results - 10% improvement in the student attendance and a remarkable 8.5% increase in the learning outcome in just 1 month.

Pilot Test Cognitive Assessment Data

"We offer a very robust, effective, and affordable teaching-learning technology that resonates with educators and school leaders. We are in the process of impacting a large segment of the school education market both in India & South Korea, and have already launched the classroom clicker solution in South Korea", said Pankaj Agarwal, CEO of the company.

He further added, "With the support shown by the Indian Govt. and the confidence of the results generated during our pilot program in 20 Schools, we are excited to offer Class Saathi to Indian Schools and help improve the overall teaching and learning experience.

Schools have shown a hugely positive response; positive reception in ownership of a low cost, effective technology and improved school results gives us confidence and highlights the fact that Indian Schools and educators are willing to adopt new technology & pedagogy as long as it is built to support and not burden them. And that is exactly what we have done with Class Saathi."

"The drop-out rate of students in Govt schools in India remains high. Increased Learning Gap over the years of schooling as the grade progresses is one of the reasons for the high drop-out rate. Class Saathi has features specifically designed to assist teachers in identifying and reducing this learning gap. Our ultimate aim with Class Saathi is to equip teachers with suitable tools to teach effectively and to give personalized attention to each student.", he adds.

You can get in touch with Pankaj and his team at Class Saathi through this request form:

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