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Are you a managing director of a group of schools or a principal/administrator of a school and finding it difficult to implement or manage all the day-to-day work and processes of the school such as admission, fee collection, students' details, communication with parents, school inventory, etc.?

Is your school management system efficient enough or up to date with the latest tools and equipments of the 21st century? Well, if your system isn’t that efficient and you are still finding difficult in managing your school, SchoolSkies has the perfect solution for you and your school with its innovative school management system.

Yes, you read that right. From admission, timetable, attendance, homework, exams, fee management, GPS tracking, student pickup, communication with parents, issuing of transfer certificate to helping schools create its website, SchoolSkies has everything that a school needs on a daily basis. 

Digitization of school processes and integrated website

Delivering great academic and management results with its quality service, SchoolSkies has so far helped 50+ schools across India in last 4 years transforming the way they manage school and school chains.

It helps digitize all school-related processes starting from admission, fee management to issuing of transfer certificate. Database management, electronic transfer certificate generation tool and school-parent communication tool, etc. simplify school work tremendously. The integrated website for chain of schools showcasing all the schools in a single page gives a huge value to the school. It helps in both the internal and external communication and gives visibility for the school. 

Online admissions and paperless approach

SchoolSkies' online admission process is completely streamlined. The portal enables seamless paperless admissions with integrated payment gateway. It helps do away with long queues in front of the schools, smoothen the screening and selection process. It saves time and effort for both parents as well as the school staff enabling an overall hassle-free admission. SchoolSkies' system also allows school to announce results discreetly (online directly with the applicant).

Watch the video below to see how SchoolSkies’ online admission can serve you and your school:



Fee collection, inventory management and other processes

SchoolSkies' innovative school management solution eases everyday tasks of teachers and administrators right from attendance marking, posting of homework to fee collection. Fee management module helps schools collect fees, fines and other payments online. It sends automated notifications to parents about fee amount, payment dates, issues instant payment receipts and track transactions in real time. Needless to mention, SchoolSkies' integrated payment gateway has witnessed more than Rs.200 crores in fee transaction in just two years.

Oh yes, if you are tired of unorganized, paper-based management of the school inventory, SchoolSkies' inventory management system can help solve the problem. With its tool, you can keep track and manage all school items in much more manageable & efficient way. 

Watch the video below to see how SchoolSkies' tool can help manage your school inventory:



Communication, customer support and feature implementation

SchoolSkies' unique communication system helps school management and teachers to connect easily with and gain confidence of parents. With it, SchoolSkies addresses the biggest need for schools and parents – an effective teacher-parent communication system. And when it comes to customer support, they promptly respond to the requests made and do an effective job communicating and offering support for new features.

And, what more? Apart from the above mentioned ones, SchoolSkies also offers other customizable modules that a school needs on a daily basis such as timetable, attendance, homework, exams, GPS tracking, student pickup, etc. You can have a look at all the apps/modules offered by SchoolSkies here.

SchoolSkies was created with the mission to get the Indian schools online and technology enabled to face the global competition and with a vision to enable educators achieve their academic goals. With its intuitive features and excellent support system, it is more than just a sophisticated school management tool. Well, schools which have adopted this platform have testified to have found a dramatic shift in their day-to-day school management processes.

If you want to simplify and manage all your school processes in a smart way and want your school to stand out in the market, you can give SchoolSkies a try by request a demo or a call back right

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Author: Stephen Soulunii
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