London-Based EdTech Startup Unibuddy Secures $5 Million Series A Funding

UK-based edtech startup Unibuddy has secured $5 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by venture capital firm Stride.VC founder Fred Destin. The Series A funding follows $2 million seed funding.



Unibuddy helps students find where they belong through sharing their experiences, and helps universities recruit their best-fit students. The company is curently working with over 150 institutions across the world.




The Series A funding will help Unibuddy fund plans to grow its team, which currently spans four continents. It is reportedly said that with the raise, the company will focus on US expansion, and more impactful products such as Unibuddy on UCAS. It will help the company connect more future students around the world with current university students.

Edtech peer-to-peer leader, Unibuddy powers conversations at one third of UK universities. No wonder, in just three years of founding, Unibuddy has powered over half a million conversations on its platform. Expanding its wings, the company has most recently announced a landmark partnership with the UK Admissions Service, UCAS.

Unibuddy has big ambitions to help every student feel confident in their progression to university.

This is what the London-based startup CEO, Diego Fanara, has to say about the company and its mission:

"Unibuddy's potential is huge, and this Series A funding will allow us to continue growing and connect more students. Our mission is to enable students to empower students with the knowledge and confidence they need to allow them to progress through education. We are growing rapidly in the US - with institutions such as the University of Southern California and Cornell Tech launching the platform. We'll support that growth by expanding our New York team."

Together, Unibuddy and student ambassadors provide an outlet for an institution's authentic voice. With a simple widget on an institution website, the platform enables prospects and student ambassadors to chat and foster a sense of belonging - even before applying. In short, Unibuddy helps connect more Gen Z prospects with the current students to drive leads and increase conversion, improve recruitment and create a sense of belonging.

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