World’s Smartest English Speaking App ELSA Launched in India

World’s Smartest English Speaking App ELSA Launched in India

First of all, this is good news for the Indians! World’s premier English pronunciation app ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) has launched in India to help improve English speaking skills of the Indian language learning community.

This is indeed great news especially for a country like India where the social status of a person is often judged by the knowledge and fluency of English, and where millions believe knowing fluent English means a much better chance of employability. Now that ELSA has launched in the country, we can only imagine the outcome.

Unlike other applications that focus primarily on teaching vocabulary and grammar, ELSA uses speech recognition technology to help English learners with their pronunciation. The app enables users to speak English in short fun dialogues, get feedback from artificial intelligence-powered technology and help them improve their pronunciation instantly.

Commenting on the launch of the app in the country, Ankit Raj, who looks after the growth of ELSA in India, said,

“With the advent of Reliance Jio, increased Smartphone and high speed internet usage among the masses, there has been a sudden explosion in demand for English learning platforms. This is where ELSA is trying to fill the heavily ignored but essential gap of correct pronunciation and accent.”

Recognizing India as one of the largest markets for English e-learning, Vu Van, CEO of ELSA, also commented saying,

“We are looking to repeat the growth story in India after major success in Vietnam and Japan. India is one of the largest markets for English e-learning and we want to leave no stone unturned by going after online and offline channels to acquire customers.”

English is indeed predominantly becoming the mother tongue in urban Indian households. Moreover, despite having so many diverse languages, English is the only common language among native speakers of all regions in India. Taking this huge opportunity, ELSA wants to be the de facto platform for its large potential learners in the country. Hope, with the help of the app, more Indians will now be able to learn to speak English clearly, fluently, and confidently like their mother tongue.

Needless to mention, ELSA has witnessed an exponential growth over the past year. The app currently has over 3,656,000 users in 101 countries. It claims to have made an impact on more than 4 million English learners exposing them to better opportunities in all walks of life.

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