Spain-based 1MillionBot Raises €1.5M to Develop More Educational & Marketing Chatbots

Spain-based 1MillionBot Raises €1.5M to Develop More Educational & Marketing Chatbots

Spain-based startup 1MillionBot has recently raised €1.5 million from individual investors active in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, and chatbots.

The latest round of financing has brought the company’s value to 8.2 million Euros.

Founded in 2018 by Andrés Pedreño in Alicante, Spain, 1MillionBot develops specialized chatbots for different sectors, which can integrate with various applications including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Google Assistant. It offers the most effective service in conversational chatbots, guaranteeing a percentage higher than 90% of correct answers. 1MillionBot’s chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants interact with the user by text and voice and are based on Artificial Intelligence. Over the last year, the startup has developed different chatbots for different sectors including banks, universities, and local governments.

1MillionBot’s chatbots can be used for Digital Marketing, Internal Communication, Education and the dissemination of information for institutions, Customer Support, as well as Leads and Big Data. The company connects with market-leading databases and CRMs. It is also integrated via voice in Google Home and Amazon Echo, from where the startup is developing products such as the ‘virtual butler’ that can help user efficiently manage a house or hotel room.

The technological and methodological of 1MillionBot is integrable with other platforms based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (PLN). The startup’s most recent chatbot for sexual health, which is still in beta, uses natural language processing and deep learning techniques to provide users with real-time sexual and reproductive health information.

Despite its recent creation, 1MillionBot has managed to develop chatbots in very diverse sectors and has highly recognized success stories, the most successful ones being those created to facilitate enrollment in universities. Needless to mention, University of Murcia, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Complutense University of Madrid have already been using 1MillionBot chatbots, and more than fifteen Spanish universities are said to be in the process to incorporate its chatbots.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the latest round of financing will help 1MillionBot to firstly enhance the commercial team for the commercialization of its product, and additionally, will allow the company to strengthen its technology and undertake internationalization with advantageous agreements.

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