Quality Teacher Shortage & Teacher Recruitment Challenges Facing Schools

Quality Teacher Shortage & Teacher Recruitment Challenges Facing Schools

We all know that the teachers have the biggest in-school impact on students. But the fact today is that schools are struggling to find qualified teachers to fill their vacancies each year. 

Teacher shortage has become a major concern not only in India but worldwide. In the recent past, almost every state in the country has decried teacher shortages.

There are several reasons to how this staggering shortage has evolved and what the country needs to do to address this has become a matter of national attention.

Some of the key factors contributing to this teacher shortage issue include:

  1. There just aren't nearly as many people anymore who choose to pursue a career in education.
  2. Women have more options in employment than before including those in many once-male dominated fields.
  3. We have seen average teacher salaries falling in the country because of which not many people want to join this profession and even existing want to explore other career options with better earning potential.
  4. Many teachers today do not endorse teaching as a profession for several reasons but salaries being a major one.
  5. When teachers look for jobs, they tend not to want to teach in underprivileged areas.

Teacher shortages hence are resulting into schools facing recruitment issues. But then there are founders like Amit Gupta (Founder, Jobors) who have experience of working with thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools to understand this pain. In a conversation we found how he looks at solving majority of these issues facing schools.

  1. Data says that the demand for teachers/senior school management has shot up by more than 30% in one year still it is witnessed that the recruitment process is not well organized.  Schools need a resume repository to not let any quality candidate go away. Platforms like Jobors help create & manage the complete database of all candidates so you do not have to rush to paper advertisements and job portals everytime you plan to hire. You can search for candidates and their status from their own talent pool.
  2. Schools also face challenges in understanding who would be a qualified candidate which can be made easier through candidate assessment: Jobors has created standard tests for different subjects so schools can always evaluate a candidate before you actually call candidates for an interview. Schools can also create their own test to be used for the recruitment purpose.
  3. As a next step, schools need support in interview planning which is a pain. But with Jobors schools can schedule the candidate interviews online as well as offline with automation capabilities.
  4. Schools need complete track of candidates' application from the time she applies for the job till the time she is selected or rejected.
  5. For reference, schools need the complete communication history between the recruitment team and candidate.
  6. As administrators, you would also want to track the performance of the recruitment team.
  7. Most of the websites include career@schoolwebsite.com as an email address which is not the ideal way to handle the clutter of resumes, emails. The ideal way is to Integrate career page on the school’s website so you do not lose even a single candidate who applies for the job on your website. 

It is now smoother to hire great talents and also to manage your complete talent pool under a single roof.

Do you have problems recruiting teachers?  Experience the latest in recruitment for schools.


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