Dutch Edtech Startup Knowingo+ Raises €1.3 Million Fund to Transform E-learning with AI and Gamification

Dutch Edtech Startup Knowingo+ Raises €1.3 Million Fund to Transform e-learning with AI and Gamification

Dutch edtech startup Knowingo+ has raised a growth capital of €1.3 million to make online learning more interesting for users with the help of artificial intelligence and gamification. The funding round was led by a number of informal investors and BOM Brabant Ventures.

With the latest investment, the Breda-based startup has raised a total of €3.3 million in two funding rounds. In April 2018, Airbridge Equity Partners and a small number of informal investors together invested more than €2 million in the startup in exchange for a minority interest.

Founded by Loren Roosendaal, Knowingo+ is a cloud-based mobile learning platform in the form of a gaming app that helps organizations to get their employees learning in a fun way. It uses the power of self-learning AI and gamification to get people learning in a fun way, with 5X the learning efficiency, right on their mobile device. The gamification system enables users learn with all the ease and fun of a trivia game in just few minutes a day. And its AI system matches the capabilities of every player making them learn at their own pace and convenience. This way, Knowingo+ ensures new employees to quickly become productive in their job, helps to prevent expensive mistakes and delivers a significant reduction in the hours of education.

Speaking about the company and the latest investment it received, Loren Roosendaal, Founder of CEO of Knowingo+, said,

“One of the keys to this rapid growth is the fact that Knowingo+ is a turn-key solution that can often be implemented in just a few weeks. It’s amazing to see the results that customers achieve with Knowingo+. By using the power of gamification and self-learning artificial intelligence, we don’t just make learning fun, but also measurable and reliable. Thanks to this new investment, we can help more and more companies to make the difference with Knowingo+.”

Knowingo+ has a number of clients, and some promonent ones include PostNL, Rabobank, Rentokil, Symantec, RICOH, TELE2, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SVB, Provincie Noord-Brabant and Royal IHC. These clients are already using Knowingo+ platform to continuously keep the knowledge of employees up to date, especially the kind of knowledge that needs to be top-of-mind in order to excel at their jobs.

Robin Franken, investment manager at BOM Brabant Ventures, also commented about Knowingo+ and its involvement with the company saying,

“Through its platform, Knowingo+ offers companies a new way of learning. The problem of traditional learning approaches lies in the low involvement of employees and the fact that knowledge is forgotten as quickly as it was learned. Knowingo+ offers a structural solution for this. We are thrilled to take part in their journey.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that Knowingo+, besides disrupting online learning with its system, plans to boost both the national and international growth with the latest investment it received.

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