Remark Holdings’ KanKan AI Solution Transforms Traditional Primary Schools into Smart Campuses

Remark Holdings’ KanKan AI Solution Transforms Traditional Primary Schools into Smart Campuses

Las Vegas-based global technology company Remark Holdings has announced the initial deployment of its KanKan AI’s Smart Campus Solution in the Hangzhou Primary School System in Hangzhou, China.

KanKan AI Smart Campus Solution was developed in response to the mandate issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education and State Council that asked to modernize China’s 400,000 secondary school campuses with the latest AI technologies for campus safety, students attendance, and interactive, performance-driven learning. Now that it is deployed in Hangzhou, it is transforming traditional Chinese primary schools into smart campuses.   

The Smart Campus Solution uses facial and object recognition technology to automate student check-in and check-out at the school’s entrance and exit points, control access to dormitories, laboratories and libraries, alert school administrators of unauthorized persons who have trespassed on the school campus, ensure students are released only to parents or other pre-approved persons, and monitor unauthorized objects, such as weapons, brought into school buildings.

KanKan AI solution initially deployed in the primary school in Hangzhou is said to have reduced the statistical errors in attendance records when compared to the previously-used manual tracking process. In addition to reducing errors by eliminating manual processes, Smart Campus Solution is also said to have enabled schools to save time and money, and allows administrators to focus on the students.

Lauding the initial success of the AI solution in Hangzhou, Kai-Shing Tao, CEO of Remark Holdings, said,

“We are pleased with the initial success of our AI solution for school administration and campus safety, and that it has helped the primary school in Hangzhou to comply with the China Education Ministry’s mandate.”

“With the targeted monetization of our investment in Sharecare by the end of September, we are confident that the liquidity provided will strengthen our balance sheet and provide us with the necessary resources to rapidly deploy and expand upon our recently-announced contracts in the telecom and education verticals.”

Strategically-placed cameras installed at entrances, in passageways, and in school buildings allow the Smart Campus Solution to monitor such campus locations without utilizing an RFID-based system, turnstiles or other less-effective methods. KanKan AI’s solution also provides real-time video monitoring capability and real-time alerting via the commonly-used WeChat and DingTalk apps for parents who wish to actively monitor their children during school hours. Teachers can also receive real-time alerting regarding their students from the Smart Campus Solution.

The KanKan AI Smart Campus Solution is comprised of integrated hardware and software priced at $8,000 per campus. It allows for a recurring revenue stream from the integrated software and provides a professional channel subscription option on WeChat for parents who want to view real-time video of their child.

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