Paris-based Studytracks Raises €1 million to Make the Tracks Accessible to All Students

Paris-based Studytracks Raises €1 million to Make the Tracks Accessible to all Students

What if you could learn school lessons as you could in music or songs? How easy it will be for anyone to learn or remember, isn’t it?

Interestingly, there’s one startup that is trying to do exactly that by putting curriculum to music to make students learn effectively. And it is none other than Studytracks, a startup that lets students learn through music.

Well, to accelerate its development process and growth, the Paris-based startup has just closed a €1 million seed funding round led by OneRagtime, a venture platform that invests in innovative tech startups, and LeanSquare, an investment fund that invests in venture capital in startups with real potential for growth.

Founded by Ivor Novello award-winning UK songwriter George Hammond-Hagan, Studytracks is an award-winning innovation in education. It takes the curriculum and puts it to music to drive engagement, retention and achievement in and out of the classroom. The startup uses music’s ability to stimulate the whole brain through a diverse set of perceptual and cognitive operations to aid recollection and retention.

Studytracks claims over 350,000 students and teachers have joined its platform, used by more than 100 schools, and has been downloaded more than 400,000 times. Founded in 2015, it now offers over 1,500 tracks on its app covering over 45 subjects. Its tracks cover UK high and secondary school syllabus, grades 6-12 in the US, and Brevet and Bac in France.

Speaking about the company and on latest investment, George Hammond-Hagan, Founder and CEO, Studytracks, said,

“Music is known to help with memory formation and retrieval. We all, at one point in our lives, have studied with music in the background as a way to help with focus. We’re turning this around and making great music to learn from. Our method has proven itself to thousands of students around the world. We’ve heard from teachers that Studytracks saves time in communicating complex concepts and students have fun learning the fundamentals. We want anyone in any classroom to have access to Studytracks’s 1,500+ tracks and, with the new funds, we’re looking at how to make that possible – working with our new investors, teachers and academic institutions in the US and France.”

The company said that the new investment will be used to accelerate its presence in the US market and made the tracks accessible to all students anywhere, at any time.

Praising the founder and the company’s mission, Stéphanie Hospital, Founder and CEO of OneRagtime, said,

“Studytracks is a highly promising ‘Made in Europe’ gold nugget with a brilliant international future. We were instantly seduced by the founders and their vision. They have succeeded in innovating in a high-potential sector with an incredible educational and social project.”

Ben Piquerd, CEO of LeanSquare, also commented on its partnership with Studytracks saying,

“We believe the technology developed by Studytracks has real development potential and has real economic value in a changing industry. This new partnership will allow Studytracks to accelerate its development process and growth.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that pilots run in US high schools have shown students using Studytracks increased pass rates from 23% to 76%. Independent research has also shown that students using Studytracks music increased their test results by 44%.

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