Indianapolis-based College Alternative Kenzie Academy Raises $7.8 Million in Series A Financing

Indianapolis-based Kenzie Academy, a college alternative that provides job-focused technology training to Middle America, has raised $7.8 million in a Series A funding round led by Rethink Education.

Other investors include investment firm Revolution-powered Rise of the Rest, Strada, LearnStart, Peak State Ventures, Flat World Partners, and Kelly Services.

Founded in 2017, Kenzie Academy focuses on untapped talent outside of traditional coastal tech hubs and provides job-focused training with affordable financing options helping students to propel rewarding careers in technology. The startup offers both on campus and online programs in Software Engineering and UX Engineering, training students to truly develop the hard and soft skills that employers look for at the workplace.  

Kenzie’s one-year project-based curriculum is created by industry experts and designed to parallel today’s workplace, providing students with an industry-aligned experience that leads directly to rewarding careers in technology. The company offers affordable price point and financing options for the program, making it accessible for all students regardless of their financial background. Students have the option to pay tuition upfront, monthly or through an Income Share Agreement (ISA) basis.

Commenting on the mission of the company, Chok Ooi, Co-Founder and CEO of Kenzie Academy, said,

“There is a massive amount of untapped tech talent outside of Silicon Valley and NYC. Kenzie is identifying this talent to fill the millions of jobs available, training workforce-ready skills and connecting students almost immediately with top employers.”

The company plans to use this funding to further its efforts towards expanding access to tech education and opportunity for Americans that have been left behind in today’s digital economy.

Lauding the work of Kenzie Academy in demonstrating that exciting innovations can start and scale outside of Silicon Valley, Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution, said,

“Right now, 75 percent of venture capital is concentrated in three states: California, New York, and Massachusetts. Kenzie Academy is not only demonstrating that exciting innovations can start and scale outside of Silicon Valley, but that a lot of talent exists outside of the coastal tech corridors to fuel the growth of startup ecosystems in the middle of the country.”

Rick Wallace, Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy for Kelly Services, also commented saying,

“At Kelly, we’re always thinking about what’s next for talent. Kenzie Academy, with its innovative and flexible approach to upskilling, is a natural fit with our longstanding commitment to helping workers take their careers to the next level.”

In this digital age when employers are struggling to find workforce-ready job candidates, Kenzie is solving the problem by training untapped talent in Middle America and throughout the US, connecting employers with candidates equipped with the skills they need. With an affordable price point and financing options that make training accessible for all, Kenzie is truly closing the opportunities gap for Americans that have been left behind by today’s digital economy. Hope, with this new funding, the company will be able to educate more students and turn them into job-ready candidates.

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