Birmingham-based OneAcademy Raises Seed Funding to Further Develop its Software-based Online Platform

Birmingham-based OneAcademy Raises Seed Funding to Further Develop its Software-based Online Platform

Birmingham-based training solution provider OneAcademy has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from StartUp Funding Club, a leading organization in the UK’s early stage investment world that provides seed capital and support to promising British startups, to further develop its software-based online platform for training providers, higher education, financial education institutions and education academies around the world.

Founded in April 2018, OneAcademy is a mobile-optimized, which is customizable with other industry standard tools in the education sector which has been developed at Innovation Birmingham. The platform’s training software combines a Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Classrooms, and an eCommerce system into one convenient and easy-to-use solution. It enables training providers to create inspired and interactive learning experiences, engage learners wherever they are in the world and create a new line of business for online learning.

With ambitious plans to become an industry leader within the expanding global elearning market, OneAcademy’s platform is able to meet the needs of customers with thousands of learners. The company has now developed a SaaS version for training providers that cater to smaller groups of learners.

The latest seed investment will be crucial to the growth of OneAcademy and will allow it to expand its workforce, client base and the functionality behind the platform.

Commenting on the seed investment it received and its mission, Amir Shurrab, Managing Director of OneAcademy, said,

“This investment from StartUp Funding Club will be crucial to our future development and will allow us to further refine our innovative solution to training providers around the world. For too long the process of training new employees through software has been fragmented and inefficient – we’re doing our best to change that. Innovation Birmingham has been and will continue to be crucial to our expansion. It’s inspiring to be around likeminded entrepreneurs launching other businesses in other sectors.”

Lauding OneAcademy and its team’s effort in elearning space, Rohallah Ghasemi, investment manager, StartUp Funding Club, said,

"Traditional methods of education are no longer working and people are looking for more flexible learning options – that’s why the elearning market will pass $300 billion by 2025. Amir and his team have managed to build a cloud-based and simple to use platform that enables anyone from one person organizations to large corporate to have the right infrastructure to deliver their content to anyone, anywhere. Access to education and information is a basic human right. OneAcademy’s easy-to-use and affordable platform service is making this a reality.”

Katharine Fuller, head of business support at Innovation Birmingham, also commented saying,

"OneAcademy’s story and their journey is a testament to what forward thinking startups can achieve, particularly when they are provided with the support, mentoring and connections they need to reach their business milestones and growth aspirations.”

“Amir has created an elearning platform that will simplify the training process for companies of all sizes, bringing huge efficiencies and cost savings – it’s no surprise then that the company is attracting sizeable investment and making waves within the market. OneAcademy’s potential is huge, and we look forward to continuing to support its growth as it looks to enter new markets and territories.”

Since its inception, OneAcademy has secured multiple contracts at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, with global corporate training providers signing up to use the platform to train employees of Apple, Microsoft and the Dubai government.

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