Barcelona-based Specialist Course Provider World Mastery Raises €3.3 Million in Series A Funding Round

Barcelona-based Specialist Courses Provider World Mastery Raises €3.3 Million in Series A Funding Round

Barcelona-based edtech startup World Mastery, a content-as-a-service platform which provides structured online courses, has raised €3.3 million in a Series A funding round led by Pan-European VC Nauta Capital.

Founded in 2016 by Aniol Brosa and Oriol Segundo, World Mastery serves the non-academic learning needs of businesses and professionals by providing access to highly-curated specialist courses delivered by maestros – renowned experts – in subjects including tennis, basketball, dance, yoga, fitness, cooking and hairstyle.

World Mastery’s platform features content from experts such as Toni Nadal, the world’s most successful tennis coach, Bozidar Maljkovic, who is considered one of the best European basketball coaches of all time, and Kim Kimble, a top celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Beyonce and Halle Berry. Through World Mastery’s all-in-one content platform, clients can access more than 25 hours of videos per course as well as tools to monitor their progress and performance.

Speaking about the company, its mission and on the funding it received from Nauta Capital, Aniol Brosa, Co-founder and CEO of World Mastery, said,

“We aim to create a long-lasting company that serves society, our employees and our shareholders; while helping our maestros to preserve their legacy in a meaningful, global and profitable way. We feel fortunate to create products and services that are fostering high-class education as a cornerstone for a better world. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Nauta Capital on board, with whom we will deploy an ambitious growth plan that will lead the company to expand into new categories, strengthen our go-to-market and consolidate our international footprint.”

World Mastery’s online courses, specially designed for professional instructors and trainers, gather techniques, experience and values of the best masters of each discipline. Each course consists of 36 video-classes, in which learners will find explanations of different drills and how to deal with their most common mistakes.

Excited with how its platform has helped transform thousands of professionals in their lives, Oriol Segundo, Co-founder and COO of World Mastery, said,

“It’s a great joy to know that thousands of professionals have improved their lives and feel empowered thanks to our expert-led platform, that gives them key lessons and values from the best in their profession.”

Lauding the founders and expressing its excitement in supporting the company, Nauta Capital’s General Partner Jordi Vinas said,

“We are very impressed with Aniol and Oriol’s ability to build a global business in such a short space of time. They have achieved a clear product-market fit and strong commercial growth, and we’re excited to support World Mastery become a category leader in their domain.”

World Mastery’s online courses are used by more than 10,000 customers across 105 countries with the US being the company’s primary market, followed by Spain, Italy, Mexico and France.

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