Childcare Management Solution Provider Kangarootime Raises $3.5M to Expand its Early Education Platform

Childcare Management Solution Provider Kangarootime Raises $3.5M to Expand its Early Education Platform

Leading childcare management solution provider Kangarootime has raised $3.5 million to scale and expand its all-in-one software platform for childcare centers.

The funding round was led by St. Louis-based venture capital firm Cultivation Capital with participation from other Kangarootime investors Mucker Capital, Skyview Capital, 43 North, New York State Venture Fund and Tech Coast Angels.

Launched in 2015 by Scott Wayman, Kangarootime was founded with a dream to equip all early childhood education providers with the tools they need to more effectively and efficiently do their job. It provides easy-to-use software packed with features to help childcare centers run every aspect of the business while providing real-time information to parents through business automation, classroom automation, parent connectivity and enterprise dashboard.

Kangarootime’s comprehensive platform offers tuition collection management, check-in and check-out, messaging and picture sharing, pick-up privileges for children, rooming, safety features, reporting tools, etc. While center administrators and teachers have an all-in-one solution, parents can receive real-time updates and overall transparency in their childcare experience. Kangarootime has supported over 6000 families and 8000 children, and tracked over 10,000 dirty diapers.

Sharing about its mission and future plans, Scott Wayman, CEO and Founder of Kangarootime, said,

“We built Kangarootime to help schools serve families, never knowing that there was so much valuable data to help our customers build bodies, minds and souls. Our next chapter is about helping our customers become data-driven and use actionable intelligence to become better educators.”

Kangarootime is the first modern operating system for childcare centers, schools and behavioral health centers. It is the next generation data and analytics platform for early education. Kangarootime’s all-in-one approach provides educators access to data across the entire business, leveraging an elegant platform to bring together smart business and partnerships between educators and families to grow and nurture bodies, minds, and souls. The Buffalo-based company plans to launch its new education and enterprise products in 2020, furthering its mission to help every school flourish. 

Commenting on the investment, Heather Wood, Kangarootime Board Member and General Partner at Cultivation Capital, said,

“Cultivation is thrilled to add Scott and the Kangarootime team to our portfolio. With Scott’s proven success and passion for solving the problems of early childhood centers, we know that Kangarootime will be able to serve the specific needs to centers everywhere.”

Meanwhile, the new investment will allow Kangarootime to develop its software to continue to serve the needs of administrators, teachers and parents, scale its business operations and hire new team members to accelerate the company’s growth.

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