Mumbai-based Entrepreneurship Learning Provider ENpower Raises Rs.2.65 Cr from Sixth Sense Ventures Founder

Mumbai-based Entrepreneurship Learning Provider ENpower Raises Rs.2.65 Cr from Sixth Sense Ventures Founder

Mumbai-based ENpower, an edtech startup that offers entrepreneurship learning programs for teenagers, has raised Rs.2.65 crore in a seed round of funding led by Nikhil Vora, Founder and CEO of Sixth Sense Ventures, a consumer-centric venture fund.

Founded in 2016 by Sushil Mungekar and operated by Enlearning Skill Development Pvt. Ltd., ENpower provides entrepreneurship learning program for children and teenagers aged 8-18 years. It offers certified courses, workshops and events like Junior MBA, Idea to Venture, ENcafe, Mind Your Own Business, ENlabs, Design Thinking, and Design Future Designers, to empower early teens to think like an entrepreneur, to help get hands-on experience of the entrepreneurial journey, and to give them the skills to bring their business acumen to fruition.  

ENpower also provides an entrepreneurship search and mentoring platform called India’s Future Tycoons (IFT) for high-school students. It is an inter-school competition for teens to showcase their idea for solving real-life problems, blending learning with rewards and recognition.

Commenting on the investment it received, Sushil Mungekar, Founder & CEO, ENpower said:

“Nikhil coming on board is a great validation of our mission. Nikhil brings enormous expertise and a unique perspective on how to build sustainable consumer-centric businesses. His mentoring will surely help Team ENpower build a brand that stands for trust and purpose that scales to millions of students”.

The company said the fresh capital will help the company expand its outreach to 300 schools in the next 18-24 months and build out tech platforms that will enable an ecosystem of students, corporate and startups to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among school children. It said part of the fund will also be used to promote its India’s Future Tycoons platform to create larger awareness about the mission among the young minds.

Nikhil Vora, Founder and CEO, Sixth Sense Ventures, also issued a statement on the investment it made saying,

“The most fulfilling part of any investment is when it has the potent to make an impact. India has the youngest population in the world and thereby a thriving ideas market and it needs to inculcate entrepreneurship at a young seeding stage. Elated that the mission of ENpower is to engage with students in their formative years in grades 6-10 towards entrepreneurship. I believe this is a huge catalyst and an ability to create a property akin to a Junior Shark Tank in India via India's Future Tycoon”.

Hope the new investment will enable ENpower to fulfill its plans to expand its outreach in order to equip young Indians with skills and training that will help them build successful careers for themselves and help transform the country in the future.

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