Chester-based Kid Safe Social Media Startup GoBubble Secures £300,000 Funding from Select Group of Investors

Chester-based Kid Safe Social Media Startup GoBubble Secures £300,000 Funding from Select Group of Investors

Chester-based edtech startup GoBubble, a platform that offers a safe social media experience for children, has raised over £300,000 in a funding round.

The startup secured the funding through a select group of angel investors forming part of the Leeds-based investment non-profit NorthInvest community, including David Pearce, Rich Hannam, Chris Jones, Peter Laithwaite and Juan Santana Medina. Other investors joining the round include digital identity app founder Robin Tombs of Yoti.

Founded by award-winning e-safety pioneer Henry Platten, GoBubble is a kid safe social media, enabling children to safely create, collaborate and communicate with friends around the globe. It offers an interactive social networking experience in a completely secure, moderated environment.

GoBubble global community offers children, educators and parents the opportunity to create and communicate in a safe digital space, with moderators ensuring that any unwanted content is removed before it appears. Understanding that every young user is a genuine child, unlike other sites, GoBubble ensures all content is checked before it appears. The platform currently has users across 24 countries and in 26 US states.

The startup said that the new funds will be used to further develop the platform to enhance its functionality, adaptability and continued expansion.

Commenting on the investment it received and its goals in future, Henry Platten, CEO of GoBubble, said,

“These investors bring with them the highest caliber of business experience and share our drive to make the internet a safer place for children and young people. We are extremely proud of the organic growth that we have achieved so far and eager to use the investment to help us take GoBubble to the next level.”

GoBubble also helps children enhance learning in the classroom. It supports digital citizenship, literacy, social and emotional learning, STEM, art and creativity, languages and more.

Describing GoBubble as a real-time solution to a global problem and that it has immense potential to make a positive difference, David Pearce, NorthInvest investor and CEO of development agency Nephos Solutions, said,

“GoBubble is a real-time solution to a problem which many children, schools and families are experiencing on a daily basis. As a global presence, the platform has immense potential to make a positive difference to so many children’ lives and I am excited to be part of it.”

At GoBubble, kids can enjoy carefully monitored and appropriate content, while parents can relax, confident that all their children’ interactions are moderated and safe.

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