Wisconsin-based Fasetto Introduces Forum for Education to Ensure Students Absorb Screen-based Learning

Wisconsin-based Fasetto Introduces Forum for Education to Ensure Students Absorb Screen-based Learning

Do you know why most students want to sit in the front row seat in the classroom or any lecture hall? Is there any good reason behind this?

It is believed, and multiple studies have also shown, that student performance, participation, retention and understanding vary with seat position in a classroom. So you mean those not in the front row seats can’t perform or participate or understand things taught in the class? Not really, but it indeed has got something to do about it. Well, to provide screen-based learning to students and to equalize the seating disparity in classrooms, a company has come up with a solution through an app.

Superior, Wisconsin-based technology solutions provider Fasetto has introduced an app called Forum for Education to ensure students absorb screen-based learning, and also to equalize the seating disparity in classrooms. Forum is a powerful in-person presentation application that enables instructors to screen-share to every student’s smartphone, tablet and laptop so every desk is a front row seat to the lesson.

Forum allows educators to wirelessly present in any room or lecture hall and share their screen with every student without cords, dongles or even accessing the internet. It enables every student to clearly see the presentation, download associated materials, ask questions of the lecturer discreetly and directly, perhaps allows to do it all from the device they carry every day. With Forum, educators and trainers can amplify the learning experience in their classrooms. Educators can quiz their classrooms with varying formats and view student responses in real-time.

Speaking about the Forum for Education, Dan Bruck, Chief Marketing Officer, Fasetto, said,

“Multiple studies show that student performance, participation, retention and understanding can vary greatly dependent on their seat position in a classroom or lecture hall. More specifically, research revealed students who sit in rows further-back or off-to-the-side do not perform as well or interact as much as a student who sits directly in the front or middle rows.”

Forum is a great way to overcome the visual disparities in a classroom set up and creates more collaboration with the students. Since it works through laptops and the connected devices of the audience, it greatly reduces the expense for costly materials like projectors, screens, audio and visual equipment and their corresponding costs of operation, set-up and maintenance.

Needless to mention, Fasetto creates technology solutions for an increasingly connected world. It makes information sharing intuitive and spontaneous with the Gravity platform that enables seamless connectivity between people, their content and the devices they use regardless of platform, device or network. To learn more about Forum for Education, you can watch the demo video at vimeo.com.

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