To Empower Children, Govt of India Launches an App-based Coding Program for Students Across the Country

To Empower Children, Govt of India Launches an App-based Coding Program for Students Across the Country

With technology taking centre stage across sectors and in every aspect of life, the government of India is planning to take developing coding skills to new heights by empowering school children across the country.

The central government has recently launched a new application-based two-week training module named CodeIndia for middle and intermediate level students across the country to make them market-ready.

The program will enable students to acquire enough knowledge to develop a necessary aptitude for developing applications for various sectors including business, nuclear physics, neuroscience, aerospace, artificial intelligence, among others. With huge skill gaps impeding the developments in various technologies, directly impacting on the growth of the country, and with a dearth of talented software developers across the country, the government has take it to self to equip students with necessary aptitude and skills at the nascent stage.

Speaking about the CodeIndia initiative, Krishnaswamy Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, said,

“If data is the fuel for the engines of artificial intelligence and machine learning, being able to handle data puts you in the driver’s seat. With CodeIndia, we hope to open the doors of opportunity to our school children to learn cutting-edge computer science fundamentals. This can make them future-ready in every discipline.”

The module is not like any other courses that education technology startups provide. It will be delivered by a group of specialists and will include fundamentals as well as intermediate skills. The students will get the chance to interact with experts from scientific organizations like Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN), Geneva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University and others.

To make the program accessible to all students across the country, it will be offered in English and regional languages based on where the training will take place. This will facilitate an equal-playing field and enable students from diverse regions to learn and make their mark in the technology marketplace.

According to reports, CodeIndia program will lay the foundation to create a model curriculum by the Human Resource Development Ministry for integrating it with the regular courses in schools. It is said that Navodya Vidyalaya in Jaffarpur Kalan, West Delhi, will be the first school to implement the program.

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