UK-based Interview Prep Company CaseCoach Acquires Montreal-based Edtech Startup Vocaprep

UK-based Interview Prep Company CaseCoach Acquires Montreal-based Edtech Startup Vocaprep

Montreal-based edtech startup Vocaprep has been acquired by CaseCoach, a comprehensive case interview prep company based in the UK.

While the amount of the transaction was not disclosed, it is said that it was a combination of cash as well as equity in the new combined entity.

Founded in 2017 by Jade Vaillancourt, Gabriel Côté, and Mike Ross, Vocaprep is an online edtech platform providing video classes covering the steps of an interview process. The platform also offers practice materials, including a study book, worksheets, exercises and case studies, a library of complimentary resources, and an administrative portal for school career services to see live student usage statistics. It is said that Vocaprep was self-funded and it has served all of the top schools in Canada as well as schools in Australia, Europe, and China.

Speaking on the latest development, Jade Vaillancourt reportedly said,

“For Montreal’s burgeoning edtech startup scene it represents a successful exit and helps to keep Montreal on the map. It is also interesting to note that this is one of the few acquisitions of a Montreal startup by a UK buyer.”

“This has been a fantastic learning and growth experience and we’re so thrilled to see our clients in such great hands as they go forward. As a young woman in tech, it was great to have the support of a fantastic team and wonderful mentors along the way.”

It is said that Vocaprep’s mission was to connect applicants to jobs in consulting, big tech companies, and other organizations. Commenting on this, Mike Ross said,

“Our goal has always been to build the interview preparation platform that we wish we had as we were preparing for our interviews.”

CaseCoach, on the other hand, is a comprehensive case interview prep platform founded by Enguerran Loos, former manager and interviewer with McKinsey & Company, to give more candidates access to his exclusive interview preparation techniques. It offers Resume Course (for experienced professionals and student applicants) and Interview Prep Course through video lectures, sample interview videos, case library, practice drills, expert coaching, examples of successful applications and downloadable templates, etc.

CaseCoach is now used by some of the world’s leading consulting firms, universities and business schools, as well as by individuals looking for the best interview prep expertise.

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