Mumbai-based Robotics Learning Startup for Kids Witblox Raises Rs 1.3 Crore to Enhance its Business Growth

Mumbai-based Robotics Learning Startup for Kids Witblox Raises Rs 1.3 Crore to Enhance its Business Growth

Mumbai-based edtech startup Witblox, a gamified robotics learning platform for children, has raised Rs 1.3 crore in a funding round from Mumbai Angels Network.

The startup said that 24 investors from the Mumbai Angels Network participated in the funding round.

Founded in 2016, Witblox offers a perfect robotics learning platform for children in the age group 8 to 16. It provides plug-and-play hardware toolkits across Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields to help children learn design, hardware, electronics and programming, etc.

Witblox is basically an electronic building block for endless innovations designed and developed by TechShiksha to promote electronics/robotics education. Users can connect blox to one another to create any kind of electronic logic or circuit. Children use Witblox to make different robots, electronic circuits and applications, projects and innovation.

Witblox’s Robotics Learning App provides engaging comic stories for kids to learn faster, “Do It Yourself” videos for step-by-step tutorials, and innovative project ideas to start building and learning with. Users can enjoy a strong community of fellow makers to get help on projects and ideas.

Speaking on the latest development and its plan with the funding, Amit Modi, Founder and CEO, Witblox, said,

“MA not only helped me raise funds seamlessly, it connected me to its vast network of investors across cities in India. With these funds, we plan to bring about significant changes in our strategy.”

The company said that it will use the fresh funds to support the growth of its business.

Commenting on the investment, Mumbai Angels’ investor Aditya Sanghi said,

“I’m happy to be associated with the next phase of growth of Witblox. While helping children learn by building is rewarding in itself, I think this is a great team with the potential to build a big business. To make it big, a business needs a motivated, passionate team propelled by a purpose catering a growth market. I think Witblox has the right ingredients and it is time to execute heads down.”

Witblox believes that it has the potential to boost Maker Revolution in India. The startup claims its tool can be used by every student, artist, and innovator to build projects, prototypes and innovations without worrying about the fact that they do not know electronics or soldering.

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