Montreal-based X20 Media Announces Virtual Classroom Experience to Engage Remote Students in Real-Time

Montreal-based X20 Media Announces Virtual Classroom Experience to Engage Remote Students in Real-Time

Montreal-based X2O Media, a platform that provides technology and services for higher education and corporate learning centers, has recently announced the launch of the Virtual Classroom to provide remote students a unique learning experience.

The enterprise-grade technology will be demonstrated at The Bett Show, which features marketing information technology in education, to be held on January 22-25, 2020 in London.

Founded in 2006, X2O Media, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, provides technology and services for the emerging visual communications and real-time data visualization market. The award-winning X2O platform provides a new category of communication tools that improve the way enterprises engage with their employees and build brand awareness, and deliver corporate information and real-time performance data visualization on any screen. It empowers the connected enterprises and turns them into a digital workplace.

The X2O Media platform brings advanced education opportunities to people across the globe. It designed Virtual Classroom solution to enable higher education institutions to offer remote students a unique learning experience, allowing them to participate in everything that is taking place in the live classroom.

Issuing a statement on the newly launched Virtual Classroom experience for higher education institutions, Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media, said,

“We see that as a result of the accessibility of high-speed internet, enrollment in distance learning courses is increasing. Coupled with shifts in global economies, students are turning to online courses to complete degrees or to improve their career potential. Universities worldwide need to step up and meet the unique needs of their growing distance learning students. With X2O Media’s virtual classroom, higher education institutions can supply the increasing demand for online courses. The highly social peer-to-peer communication gives remote students an unparalleled experience and helps them achieve a high level of success in their online course.”

The X2O Media’s Virtual Classroom blended learning environment connects users to provide an interactive and real-time learning experience for in-class and remote students alike. The Virtual Classroom solution features next-generation technology complete with high-definition, directional audio/visual communication, an intuitive interface, interactive large whiteboards and presentation monitors with numerous content sharing and collaboration tools. Multiple camera views, including a unique perspective view camera for each remote student, enables presenters to deliver the same instructions and content simultaneously to onsite as well as remote students.

Supplementing further about its new Virtual Classroom technology, Rob Brinklow, Sales Manager at X2O Media Europe, said,

“Today, technology enables forms of communication and collaboration undreamt of in the past. X2O Media is bridging distance learning spaces to link the global remote learning community with a common purpose. We look forward to showcasing the classroom’s power and features during The Bett Show where you can experience first-hand the X2O Virtual Classroom at Stand SE24.”

Needless to mention, X2O Media has consistently garnered industry recognition for both its innovative software products and exceptional content design.

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