Finnish Digital Language Learning Startup Reactored Raises €220K to Develop New Services for Global Market

Finnish Digital Language Learning Startup Reactored Raises €220K to Develop New Services for Global Market

Finnish digital language learning startup Reactored has raised €220K in capital investment to scale its platform to inspire learners across the globe.

The funding was backed by TAAD Tech Holdings Oy and Sanako Oy and is part of a larger partnership with Sanako. The company said cooperation with Sanako is expected to increase the revenue of both companies by €1 - €2 million in the next two years.

Reactored enables individualized language learning for each student based on their personal learning style. Developed by an ambitious team of Finnish specialists ranging from cognitive science enthusiasts to foreign language teachers, the platform provides equal opportunities for all to learn any language from anywhere and regardless of their learning style. The goal of the company is based on the belief that there are no hopeless language learners, there are different language learners.

At Reactored, students can follow courses composed by teachers, or alternatively they can create materials that can be beneficial for their own needs and requirements. Founded in 2015, the platform currently has a network of over 200 resellers and customers in over a hundred countries worldwide.

Commenting on the latest development and on how it plans to utilize the new funds, Kari Savolainen, Founder and CEO of Reactored, said,

“The funding allows us to recruit new visionaries and to further develop Reactored. The main focus will be on scalability and developing new services for the global market.”

Reactored is customizable – each learner can choose the way he or she wants to learn. Learners can involve different senses in learning in their own way. Apart from traditional writing, the platform also allows learners to listen and dictate the answer using a microphone. Its vocabulary and other content of the lessons are associated with images to give hints to learners while recalling. Reactored also ensures the process takes place both inside and outside of the school environment.

Additionally, Reactored solution makes teachers’ lives easier by automating certain mundane tasks like grading exams and homework. The company said it will also soon enable teachers to use their expertise outside that traditional environment. Savolainen said the company will expand the service to include corporate training in the near future.

Eteläinen-headquartered Reactored has also garnered interest from across the world. The company said the cooperation contract with Sanako Oy will accelerate growth in international markets.

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