Indonesian Edtech Startup Gredu Raises Pre-Series A Funding to Help Improve Overall Schooling Experience

Indonesian Edtech Startup Gredu Raises Pre-Series A Funding to Help Improve Overall Schooling Experience

Jakarta-based edtech startup Gredu, which provides complete school management solutions, has raised an undisclosed Pre-Series A funding from Vertex Ventures, a venture capital unit of Singapore state-owned Temasek Holdings.

The company said the new proceeds will be used to further develop its app and complete its features in accordance with the existing education systems in Indonesia.

Founded in 2016, Gredu aims to increase the level of engagement in a school environment to improve the overall schooling experience for teachers, parents, and students. It builds a centralized management system to digitize the school environment, supported by separate applications for the above three stakeholders. The startup also provides technical assistance before, during, and after the onboarding process.

Explaining the system it provides, Mohammad Rizky Anies, CEO of Gredu, said,

“The awareness on the improvement of Indonesian education has made Gredu realize its commitment by presenting a solution to digitize the school environment that can handle holistic schooling administrative tasks. Hopefully, this can create a more efficient, effective, transparent and measurable learning and teaching process within the ideal ecosystem.”

Gredu has developed comprehensive platforms and provides fully integrated and real-time school administration system and learning management system, connecting teacher, parent and student to support school activities. The startup is working to provide all systems needed by schools from enrolment, literacy, school management system and payment.

Gredu’s app also allows parents to track and keep up with their children’s progress in real-time. Through recommendations given by teachers, parents are expected to be able to recognize and explore their children’s potential as well as to assist them in areas that they are lacking.

Putting a great faith in the company for its holistic approach to serving the schools in Indonesia, Joo Hock Chua, Managing Partner at Vertex for Southeast Asia and India, said,

“We see that the education industry, along with many other sectors in Indonesia, is undergoing rapid transformation and digitization. We believe that Gredu, with its holistic approach to serving the school’s stakeholders and value chain, is in a great position to capitalize on this change as well as help improve the education quality in Indonesia.”

Gredu claims to have already worked with more than 200 public and private schools in Indonesia.

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