Chungdahm Learning to Enter Indian Market with its Services for Schools

Chungdahm Learning to Enter Indian Market with its Services for Schools

Korea’s Chungdahm Learning (CDL) is all set to enter in the Indian market with its educational services for schools and students in the country.

Incorporated in 2002, Chungdahm Learning is an education service company with premium brands for K-12 students: Chungdahm Institute, April Institute, and i-Garten. Each offers its own distinctive curriculum, which is developed in-house and integrated with smart learning solutions to cultivate 21st century talents in the age of digitalization and globalization. Chungdahm Learning’s ESL thinking content and Smart Classroom solution using AI, AR/VR, 4DX etc. have opened up doors to countries far beyond Asia. Its subsidiary CMS Edu has dominated the Korean STEM market with its creativity-based math program. CDL also offers ICT program that uses software and hardware learning aids to develop computational thinking, creativity and coding ability.  

With annual revenue crossing $150 million, as of 2019, Chungdahm Learning has today established itself as a global education service company. Since its incorporation, the company has launched various products and services, entered into various partnerships, and opened several learning centers across Korea and abroad. CDL got listed on KOSDAQ in 2008. It now has schools and services operating in countries such as US, Brazil, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. CDL currently serves over 45,500 students in Korea and 43,000+ across the globe. The company is growing at a rapid pace in terms of business expansion, products and services offering, number of student enrolment, and net profit year over year.


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CDL’s curriculum is mapped to meet global standards and is applicable to students across different regions and markets. It provides curriculum on global communication, cultivation of creativity and expression through the integration of skill-focused learning, project-based learning, topic-based learning, problem solving, language skills training, art/media creation, virtual world creation, etc. 

Chungdahm’s content also builds critical and creative thinking. It offers Global ESL curriculum (Integrating language with critical and creative thinking capabilities), Scaffolding Learning (content offerings leveled by Lexile and brand offerings targeting a variety of age ranges (Pre-K-12), and Competency-based Assessment (Standardized student assessment for accurate level placement and progress tracking).   

Chungdahm also provides Loudclass, a tablet-based classroom management platform, which enables teachers and administrators to create interactive, smart textbooks, to motivate students and elicit active participation, and to store and organize all related information related to the school, etc. 

Continuing its expansion spree, Chungdahm Learning is now set to enter in the Indian market with its services for Indian schools and students. For this, the company is looking for Indian partners to reach out to schools and students in the country. If you are an edtech company planning to expand your inventory and services, you can explore the Chungdahm Learning India Partner Search Program.  

With its established range of products and services, state-of-the-art technology, extensive global reach, large partnerships base, and sound financial statement (company’s net profit for 2018 of 3 quarters was $11,937 mil.), entering partners can take advantage of it and be a part of the ever-growing company. Partnering with an already established global company, you can enjoy lower risk of failure. 

Chungdahm Learning is expanding and wants you to be a part of it.


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