Boston-based Conversational AI Platform AdmitHub Raises $7.5M to Help Students Succeed in College and Beyond

AdmitHub, a Boston-based edtech startup that develops a pioneering conversational AI platform to help students succeed in college and beyond, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Salesforce Ventures and the Google Assistant Investments program.

The new funding follows a 2018 Series A round led by education impact investor University Ventures, along with participation from other investors including Reach Capital, Relay Ventures, and Rethink. The funding brings the company’s total raised to $7.5 million over the past year.

Established in 2014, AdmitHub drives student success with the help of conversational AI in an easy-to-use platform. It provides on-demand student assistance via SMS, web chat, and Facebook messenger all in one place. AdmitHub blends AI chatbot technology with industry expertise and research-backed conversational strategy to guide students on a personalized path to and through college. Since its founding, the startup has served more than 1.5 million students at hundreds of institutions across the country.

AdmitHub connects students to appropriate advisors and helps them find the right resources and information exactly when they need it. It engages students in real time, with its bot answering 85% of incoming messages in two seconds or less.

Explaining about the platform, Drew Magliozzi, Co-founder and CEO of AdmitHub, said,

“As a new generation of students arrives on campus, colleges and universities are in search of new strategies to increase enrolment, boost retention, and help students succeed at every point along their educational journey. This is about tapping into the power of AI, and the ambitions of institutional leaders, to provide proactive, personalized guidance at scale.”

AdmitHub enables colleges and institutions to guide students at each stage of their journey. It enables them to capture the attention of prospective students, guide students through the admission process, provide a 24/7 one-stop support hub for their students, and assist students with their next step beyond college. Through deep partnerships with college and university leaders, AdmitHub addresses the most persistent challenges in higher education access and success using AI technology.




Sharing the benefits that AdmitHub provides, Tim Renick, Senior Vice President of Student Success at Georgia State University, said,

“Through our partnership with AdmitHub, we’re realizing the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning for delivering timely, personalized support to our students at scale. The impacts have been significant, not merely boosting enrolment and retention but disproportionately benefiting underserved students – the students who previously struggled the most.”

Commenting on the investment, Troy Williams, Managing Director at University Ventures, said,

“AdmitHub’s commitment to developing research-driven solutions for student success has made them an exemplar in the higher education technology industry as a whole. This investment is a reflection of their status as a leader in the application of emerging technologies to deliver real-time, individualized support to all students.”

With AdmitHub, college and universities can now stay one step ahead and support students at scale with an AI-powered assistant at their fingertips 24/7.

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