Noida-based Personalized Learning Platform Genius Corner Raises $250K from Angel Investors

Noida-based Personalized Learning Platform Genius Corner Raises $250K from Clutch of Angel Investors

Genius Corner, an online personalized learning platform based in Noida, has raised an angel funding of $250,000 from Singapore-based individual investors including Mahesh Mohta, Jyoti Arora, Nachu Subramanian, and Srivats.

With this, Genius Corner has raised a total of about $528,000 in funding over two rounds. The startup had last raised an angel funding of $278,000 in November 2018.

Founded by Vishal Khatter, Dheeraj Khatter, and Deepak Varshney, Genius Corner aims to redefine learning and make the process of learning fun. Its platform is an initiative towards making learning experience personalized for each individual child. The startup believes that every child is unique so should be his learning experience. It believes that there is a ‘Genius’ hidden in every child and it intend to help discover and develop that ‘Genius’ in each child. Through its online personalized learning solution, Genius Corner seeks to address individual needs, skills and interest of each student.

Genius Corner personalized learning solution is designed to suit the Indian classroom. It uses AAA (Assess, Analyze, and Act) methodology to enable personalized learning using technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Speaking about the company, co-founder Vishal Khatter said the startup has delivered more than one million hours of personalized learning to about 50,000 students. He added saying that it has “great student/parent engagement and the prime reason is that the personalized learning modules are built carrying the daily context of students learning outcome from school.”

Genius Corner personalized learning solution helps increase student engagement level by providing time-bound assessments and personalized worksheets, and helps students score better grades by giving timely remedial sessions on the basis of analytical reports. It also helps improve performance of educator and administrator by automating operational tasks of preparing and checking assessments and reporting, and enhanced improved lesson planning. With regular and interactive reporting to parents about the performance of their child at concept specific level, Genius Corner solution also helps improved parent engagement.

Complimenting the company, Mahesh Mohta, Singapore-based and one of the investors in the latest funding round, said, “Genius Corner has a unique/innovative value proposition and the business model that allows them to onboard students at a much higher velocity.” “The company has primarily leveraged innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet, and data analytics to identify the pattern in the scores of the students and prepare the further specialized learning content for them which complies with the learning frameworks like Bloom’s taxonomy,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Noida-based startup said it will use the fresh funding to bring additional 30,000 students on its online personalized learning platform.

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