Few Perfect Educational Apps Your Kids Must Have To Learn and Enjoy

Few Perfect Educational Apps Your Kids Must Have To Learn and Enjoy

In recent years, the usage of smart mobile devices increased in leaps and bounds and especially with kids. Be it Android, Windows Phone OS, iOS or BlackBerry OS, the smart phones and tablet PCs that run on these platforms are dominating the market to the

 extent that people prefer to migrate to them from the traditional PCs. The sole reason for this trend is the availability of applications or apps on these devices in all domains like technology, finance, entertainment. Education is no exception, so thousands of apps are available to make the process of learning easy and fun. Here, we will discuss some of the best of them.

State Bingo and Road Trip US:

The State Bingo and Road Trip US by Niyaa Apps is a recent addition to the app store. It is all about you travelling in a car named Pep to different destinations in US. You kid will enjoy exploring all the major destinations in the map of US. There are 3 levels in the game play with a total of 300 questions that challenge him. Along with states and their capitals, this app also teaches him about the topography of the country, natural resources, neighbouring countries and map navigation.

Numerosity: Play with Math!

Thought Box released this app with the slogan "Let's show our children that Math and Science can be loved." and the app does the job really well. It makes your child understand the basic concepts of math by simplifying them and adding common examples wherever necessary. It starts with common additions and subtractions and slowly engages your child into solving complicated algebraic equations. It has an interface that is fun to use. A built-in feature in this app allows parents to get emails about the progress of the child in the subject.

How Rocket Learned to Read - by Tad Hills:

"How Rocket Learned to Read " is a simple app for your iPad. The app features Rocket, a tiny, loveable dog, trying to learn how to read. The story is narrated through the voiceover by Hope Davis, and the kids will immediately identify themselves with Rocket. All the words in the story can be heard individually by simply touching on them. Easy to use interface and lively animations will make your kids love it and make learning to read a fun activity for them.


TED is an Android app that features over 1000 talks given by some of the most fascinating and inspiring people of the world in the form or audios and videos. Some of these people are medical mavericks, tech geniuses, social workers and finance experts. The talks by these people can be very inspiring to you and teach you many things in the field you want to excel. Sony was behind the development of it. You can also be a part of TED community to include the talks of someone who is very prominent.

Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide:

This app , available for Android devices, is for preschool kids. The game involves your kid teaming up with the famous Madagascar characters like Alex, Skipper, Marty, Gloria and Melman in surfing down amazing slides while learning the numbers, shapes, animals, colors, critical thinking and colors.

Apart from the App Store and Play Store, even the PlayStation store has some amazing apps for kids. Just explore the store for knowing what it offers or else call thePlaystation support for better information regarding the gaming consoles and the best games apps that run on them. Learn and Enjoy!

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