Mexican Edtech Startup Dev.f Raises $1.4M to Expand its Software Schools Across Latin America

Mexican Edtech Startup Dev.f Raises $1.4M to Expand its Software Schools Across Latin America

Dev.f, a Mexican edtech startup offering technology skill programs across Latin America, has raised $1.4 million in a Pre-Series A funding round led by Invent Capital Fund, with participation from other angel investors.

Founded in 2014, Dev.f focuses on developing people in an accessible and inclusive way. The startup is devoted to generating access to quality education with programs that help people build the necessary skills to become employable in high-quality job positions related to technology and the digital economy.

Dev.f offers programs that enable people learn to build things and solve problems using software. It enables people to learn by doing. At Dev.f, learners can start building software from day one alongside experienced industry experts and mentors. They will also learn from their peers and speakers deep involved in the software development scene.

Commenting on the development, Elías Shuchleib, Co-founder and CEO of Dev.f, said,

“We are very excited to be entering this phase of growth and expansion. We are working to develop the technology that will allow us to keep escalating while we create educational experiences that are most appropriate to the historical moment that we are living nowadays. We want to tackle the problem of a society that is still working and living with the past education and industrial paradigm.”

The startup plans to use the fresh funds to expand the location of its software schools across Latin America. According to its press release, the startup said it currently has 5 school locations in Mexico, but with the new funding, it will expand its operations to 30 locations in 10 countries spanning across Mexico, Central and South America.

Issuing a statement on the investment, Invent Capital said,

“We believe that Dev.f is one of the companies best positioned to impact the educational offer for technology skills in Latin America. We believe that they could educate thousands of people who are eager to participate in today’s digital economy and in the jobs of the future.”

Dev.f said on its website, over 3,500 people have graduated from its schools and landed jobs at global companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Mercado Libre, and others.

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