Rhode Island-based Pangea.app Raises $400K Pre-Seed Funding to Connect Companies with Student Workers

Rhode Island-based Pangea.app Raises $400K Pre-Seed Funding to Connect Companies with Student Workers

Rhode Island-based edtech startup Pangea.app has raised a $400,000 Pre-seed funding from PJC, a Boston-based venture capital firm, and Underdog Labs.

Founded in 2018, Pangea.app connects companies with college students for freelance projects. It puts companies in front of enthusiastic and talented students ready to undertake any project. With traditional internship programs at odds with the fast paced nature of the 21st century, and don’t work for the majority of companies, Pangea.app makes its platform easy for companies to communicate directly with students and work with high potential talent that might join their teams full-time some day.

Pangea.app aims to create more equal access to economic opportunity. The startup believes that by giving people more opportunity to create value in their own communities, it can strengthen the health and vitality of neighborhoods, inspire innovation and entrepreneurship, and foster new local connections which are predicated on a valuable exchange of knowledge, experience, and skill.

From semester-long internship to a one-time blog post, Pangea.app helps companies hire the help that they need, and whenever they need it. It enables students to work on real-life projects that will look great on their resume. Students can create an account and find freelancing opportunities from the Pangea.app platform.

Speaking about the company, Adam Alpert, Pangea.app’s Co-founder and CEO, told TechCrunch, “We are filling an important gap helping them (students) find short-term, remote opportunities that enable them to contribute while learning.”

Pangea.app has multiple plans to use the funds it raised recently. It aspires to more than just growth. According to Adam Alpert, as told to TechCrunch, the company has a number of development-focused hires on the docket for 2020, including a UI/UX designer and engineering talent. The company also intends to use its own platform to staff up over the summer to help speed up its own development.

Needless to mention, the company has previously raised money from angel investors.

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