Google Launches YouTube Learning Destination to Provide Curriculum Learning, Skill-building Contents

Google-owned YouTube India has launched a new learning destination to provide curriculum learning and also support general skill building for students amidst coronavirus pandemic.

Known as the YouTube Learning Destination, the destination is designed to offer teens and adults quality learning content. The new learning platform will showcase useful and high-quality learning content and will assist students, parents and educators in finding relevant learning content on YouTube.

The YouTube Learning Destination is a separate section within the YouTube app that aggregates learning content from education-focused creators. According to Google India, the section will contain various resources across all learning needs, including curriculum-relevant topics in Physics, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and so on.

Explaining about the new learning destination, Google India wrote in its blog post, “Whether a student is studying for a test, wants to learn a new skill, or are just curious about the world, the YouTube Learning Destination is a handy resource to provide overall curriculum learning for students or general skill-building.”

Besides the curriculum-relevant learning topics, the platform will also include study hacks, tactics and content for developing language skills and interest-based content like photography, arts, yoga, culinary skills and many more. Most of the above are skills that students want to enhance so added to help students use their time at home to hone their skills and discover new learning through this added feature.

YouTube Learning Destination is currently available in English and Hindi. However, YouTube is looking to add content from other Indian local languages like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu among others.

Meanwhile, Google is looking to bring more schools on board and promote remote education. Besides this, the search giant is also providing free access to the premium features of Google Meet and extended its video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for education customers across the world until September 2020. The Google Meet allows students and educators to conduct video conferences and its premium version can host up to 250 participants in a single video conference.

Google has also partnered with FICCI Arise, to help ease the transition to remote learning in India, and has trained more than 250 schools across 23 states on how to use the tools. The company has also provided training and tips to teachers and educators through its Teach from Home hub to enable them to begin teaching remotely.

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