ZilLearn Announces New Teaching and Learning Network Service

SINGAPORE – May 14, 2020 – ZilLearn, a teaching and learning networking service, joined more than 800 educators and experts in the EduTech space at the inaugural EdTechX Online Summit 2020 from 13-14 May 2020. Founder and CEO of ZilLearn, David Yeo, has been invited as a keynote speaker to address the impact of Covid-19: The Disruptor of Education and Work.

In conjunction with the summit, we’re excited to announce the release of ZilLearn, a global platform for the creation of semi-structured and structured user-generated knowledge content.

ZilLearn, an AI-driven platform, is packed with smart features and tools that is aimed at creating a global community of teachers, knowledge experts, collaborators, learners, organizations & enterprises onto one technology.

In his keynote presentation, David Yeo shared how post Covid-19 will see a surge in the consolidation of learning tools and resources and the importance of technology in the transformation of teaching and learning experiences. With more than 20 years in the EdTech industry, David also shared how the next generation of technology solutions need to overcome the key educational barriers – scalability, accessibility and adaptability.  His presentation is available on this blog.  

Supporting Educators during this Global Pandemic

ZilLearn will support schools and educators who are looking for a more integrated, seamless and user-friendly solution to transition from in-class teaching to virtual classrooms. Instead of adopting multiple apps and platforms to deliver a course, educators can build their own channel on ZilLearn to create and publish courses that include texts, images, videos (with the option to integrate PowerPoint slides), audio files, quizzes and assignments. ZilLearn will be offering its Standard Plan (valued at USD12.99/mth) to all registered teachers for free till 31 December 2020. ZilLearn is also providing on-boarding support for educators to quickly create and publish their courses and lessons.

Key Differentiators

Channel-based teaching

Course creators using ZilLearn will have the ability to teach their immediate community and outside of their community through their personalized channels. This will give them the options to monetize their course to increase their revenue stream or the opportunity to contribute to the community.

Adopt/Adapt Courses

ZilLearn’s unique Adopt/Adapt technology will enable the localization and re-publishing of original courses amongst educators. Courses will be readily available for sharing on a global scale and significantly reduces the time and cost in creating content whilst ensuring the original IP remains authentic.

“Imagine a course that was created by a teacher in the UK that can be adapted by a fellow teacher in Indonesia for her students. She’ll be able to translate the content from English into Bahasa Indonesia. Adding local context and examples, and sharing her own version of this content with her students. Subsequently, another teacher in a different state in Indonesia could then use this content and makes it available to his students, and so on and so forth,” said Yeo.

“ZilLearn has a wide range of application, not only to educators. It will revolutionize how traditional e-learning content is built by allowing anyone including NGOs, enrichment centres, self-employed coaches and trainers, to create quality content at the speed of the Internet. We want to make it available in areas where internet connectivity is still limited. Today, more than ever, we are allowed to collaborate as a global community in sharing knowledge,” said Yeo. 

The Adopt/Adapt feature will be available from Q4 2020.

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