India BIX, One of the Most Useful Educational Websites Nowadays

India BIX, One of the Most Useful Educational Websites Nowadays

Google, A best search engine you’ve ever known. If you want information regarding anything, your fingers will automatically type and typing of your key words will be started afterwards.

Just like Google, Most of the students prefer

India BIX website. This website is having all the information what a student needs. It is well designed and categorized to get an ease of access.  When you search the most useful key words “Online Tests”, “Aptitude”, “General Knowledge”, India BIX will be the 1st search result. So, most of the students who want to learn something, will directly open this site. But somehow this site got only 4/10 in PR Checker. We want you to know how useful this site to students, teachers and also for employees, just to learn something or to explore their knowledge through tests as well as discussions. This website contains all the information related to Education. The categories and their features will be listed out as follows.


For any website, there must be some labels just to figure out what it contains. Through these sub headings, we can easily get access to the whole website. I can say that this website is well categorized to make an easy way into it. Let me describe those categories. And these are sub-divided again into many kinds. You can find synopsis points and then questions afterwards a discussion forum to get in touch with a complete solution.

1. General Aptitude

Hope you all aware of it. General Aptitude is playing a key role in all competitive exams. It’s very easy to understand, and tough to get it done in-time. So, you’ll have to practice more and more. There are several types of General Aptitude; in this website they have sub-categorized this topic into 4 parts. And these categories are again divided into many.

  1. Arithmetic Aptitude
  2. Data Interpretation
  3. Online Aptitude Test
  4. Data Interpretation Test

Just go through the links and you know how useful it is. So, whenever you require practice on General Aptitude, Do visit this site.


2. Verbal and Reasoning:

Verbal Ability is all about your English vocabulary. You can find Synonyms, Antonyms, Spotting errors, Spellings, Comprehension and etc… here.

Reasoning is the process of thinking about something in order to make a decision.

For example, if we get a question like “What will be the next word in this series 1, 8, 27, 64?” Then we’ll just find out the reason behind the generation of this series. This series is the cubes of natural numbers and the answer is 53, i.e. 125. Of course you all know it is very simple and these kinds of questions are called as “Number Series” and the whole category will be called as “Logical Reasoning” . All you need to find out is the logic behind the question, and there are many more questions and answers you can practice in this site.

Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning are two more categories and are sub-categorized into many.

3. Programming:

This topic is purely related to software students and professionals. This category is having 4 sub categories like C Programming , C++ Programming , C# Programming & Java Programming . You’ll learn fundamentals, operations and Assertions, Functions, Structures and etc… about all programs here. Even though it is purely related to software field, Any graduate or Undergraduate can learn C & Java easily here.

4. Online Tests :

You can practice many more online tests, Discussion forums here . General Online Tests, Technical Online Tests and Engineering Online Tests you can find here. Do practice and be an expert.

5. Interview:

A student may get in touch with all the subjects in his academic year but I’m sure no institution will provide 100% expertise to get selected in interviews. One must learn everything about Interview by One’s own. There are several procedures in any interview like Group Discussions, HR Round and many Written Exams. I will give 100% surety that you’ll get a quality information here. All you need to choose the best answer or you can also prepare an answer by reading all the answers in discussion forum. This category is having Placement Papers with Answers (Many Companies), Group Discussion Topics with Answers , HR Interview questions with Answers , Body Language (Gestures) , and Technical Interview Questions and Answers .

6. Puzzles

There are several puzzles, riddles and many logical questions in this site. Once you start doing puzzles here, I’m sure you will never get bored.

Sudoku, Playing Card puzzles, Missing number puzzles, Logical puzzles and many more are here. Learn and Enjoy.

7. General Knowledge

This website will cover all General Knowledge topics , don’t forget to go through it when you want a practice or when you want to appear any exam related to it. 

8. Engineering:

Nowadays, people are more interested in engineering field and with increase of the engineering students, the competition between them is increasing rapidly. So one must do smart work to get expertise in Engineering, If you want to reach your Engineering Standard, make sure you are up to date with this category .

9. Medical/Science

Similar to Engineering, there is an equal demand for Medical Sciences. This website will surely help you in learning Medical Science.

Besides these categories, the website is still trying to upgrade its services daily.

Hope you all get to know about a very useful website. Do visit and Learn beyond your limits. Have a happy time.

Do you know more such useful websites for student learning? Drop your comments below.

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