AICTE Partners with Chennai-based Edtech Startup Skill-Lync to Provide Technical Training to Students

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The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has entered into a partnership with Chennai-based edtech startup Skill-Lync to provide technical training and to ensure the continuity of education of students during the ongoing lockdown.

Skill-Lync offers project-based advanced courses for engineering students by partnering with industry experts. It claims to be first-of-its-kind engineering technical education platform that provides job-leading courses for mechanical, electrical and civil engineering students in India and across the world. The startup, on its website, claims to have 10,000+ student projects, with over 4500 students on its platform from over 23 countries. It also claims to have placed 200+ students, and helped students get over $500,000 in scholarships.

According to its press release via PTI, under this partnership, Skill-Lync has opened up its Rs 50,000 worth Mechanical Engineers Essentials program to students from AICTE. It said that given the extended at-home learning requirements that the industry is catering to, the partnership will help accelerate the online learning process for mechanical, electrical and civil engineering students.

Speaking about the partnership and its aims, SuryaNarayanan PaneerSelvam, Co-founder and CEO, Skill-Lync, said in a released statement,

“Our aim is to provide students access to in-depth technical skill sets that would give them a good exposure to industry oriented problems and how it gets solved. We want to ensure that students get exposed to all the technical skills that industries are/will look for. This introductory set of courses allows engineers to get a clear idea about what domain that they need to specialize in as they enter into their professional career. During these tough times, the right use of digital technologies can go a long way in achieving the goals laid out by the government. This partnership with AICTE is to support Government’s initiatives in enhancing digital learning and deal with the ‘new normal’ in an efficient way.”

Explaining about the courses and its current offerings, the co-founder added saying,

“Currently we are offering free courses and live bootcamps every week. These are specially designed for learning Matlab & Python for Mechanical Engineers, CFD using SolidWorks, FEA using SolidWorks and MBD using SolidWorks. These courses provide a good amount of introductory knowledge in numerical simulation, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and multi body dynamics.

Skill-Lync’s courses are designed by working with industry experts and they are all mapped to specific job functions in the market. It provides students not just high-quality technical courses, but also the required support to finish the course.

The startup claims to have had over 15,000 subscribers to their free online coursework in the last two weeks itself. It claims to have seen 6-fold growth in its subscribers as compared to last month, which is obviously due to the ongoing COVID-19-led lockdown. Skill-Lync said it saw traffic not just from India, but from across the US, Europe and Asia.

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