10 EdTech Startups You Must Know About
Education is a fundamental human right. It’s a very useful industry. But today, only 22% of the world's children finish high school. Only 55% finish sixth grade. This is the reason, so many EdTech Startups are trying to make students aware of this 
education and they are also trying to develop the strategies in education with the present technology. Some useful EdTech startups are listed below.

Adapt Courseware:

Adapt Courseware is a complete online resource that include everything which is necessary for personalizing the education experience, so you can achieve measurable learning.

We can measurably online learning through these steps.

Interact- Individualize-Multimedia design-Optimal Challenge-Mastery learning- Student Learning (Read-Watch-Practice)-Social Learning- Improve-Measurable Outcomes-Retention-Satisfaction

Adaptive learning is the main approach, it can change the way that students engage with their courses.


Caption of this EdTech is “Organize your world with mobile social networks”. It’s trying to say how effectively we can use our mobile social networking and knowledge discovery to everyday life in a private and secure way. Family, friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, and teammates can use social building blocks called "cells" for everyday collaboration, knowledge sharing, and group communication on any device.

Features of Celly :

  • join by text in seconds
  • unlimited members
  • group messaging with moderation
  • multiple-choice polling
  • scheduled reminders
  • track feeds automatically
  • link networks together
  • phone numbers are kept private
  • works on any phone with text messaging (SMS), Android app, web and email


The EdTech startup Knewton ’s mission is to enable others to provide high-quality educational experiences to more students around the globe. It will bring personalized learning to the world. Knewton is partnering with pioneering learning companies, publishers, content providers, and educational institutions to enable personalization at massive scale.


Knewton is an infrastructure platform that makes it possible for anyone to build the world’s most powerful adaptive learning applications. Knewton technology consolidates data science, statistics, psychometrics, content graphing, machine learning, tagging, and infrastructure in one place in order to enable personalization at massive scale.

Education Elements:

Education Elements helps schoolsdesign the right blended learning solutions   for them, and works side by side with leaders and teachers to embed online content and data into daily instruction.

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Learnist is one of the greatest EdTech you’ve ever gone through. Its having many more articles on every category, mainly “Art & Design” , “Technology ” & “Education ” labels are much more interesting. It has 100s of useful articles, do visit and have a great learning time.Learnist makes it easy to share what you know and learn new things.

Straighterline :

Straigherline provides students with online courses and the ability to earn college credits.Online college courses are affordable and convenient. Take our no risk, free trial today!

Try out courses in Math, English, Science, Humanities and Business.

Slideklowd :

SlideKlowd creates interaction and engagement wherever there is an audience.Klowd.com develops audience engagement web platforms and applications that blend mobile technology, The Cloud and crowds.

What does SlideKlowd do?

  • Push Content
  • Interact and Engage with Audience
  • Measure Results


Using MyEdu helps every student tell his or her unique story in an interactive and fun web layout. MyEdu is the leading academic and careers platform helping students complete college and find internships and jobs.

MyEdu’s free tools and rich academic data have been used by millions of students to graduate in less time and reduce the cost of earning their degree. The MyEdu Student Profile allows students to visually showcase their coursework, skills, talents and experiences.

Lore :

It’s the social network for education. Simple, elegant course management meets social networking. All for free. Its main aim is to reshape education for the Internet age.

Understoodit :

Understoodit is a web-application that helps teachers measure classroom confusion. Its goal is to make classrooms more interactive and giving students an opportunity to voice their confusion anonymously. Over the summer of 2012, Understoodit.com was tested in over 200 classes, workshops, lectures and presentations. Based on feedback from those early adopters we were able to refine Understoodit by adding more features and keeping it simple to use. During the testing period a further 3000 educators signed-up to use Understoodit.com.

These are useful EdTech products you can use for various educational tasks. You can share your experience after you go through these EdTech products. The comment box is waiting for your personal views.



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