Bengaluru-based EdTech Startup Ken42 Raises Rs 11 Crore in Fresh Round Led by Turbostart

Ken42 Raises Rs 11 Crore

Ken42, an integrated education platform that caters to evolving needs of institutions and students, has raised Rs 11 crore in a fresh funding round led by Turbostart, a national accelerator program for early-stage startups.

The round also saw participation from Muralidhara C, Managing Partner, Murali & Co, Advocates and Mohan Raju Manthena, Director, SRK Infrastructure.

Founded in 2019 by Ganesh Raju, Ken42 provides a one-stop solution for all educational needs. It caters to evolving needs of schools, universities, educators and students, bringing them the best of education technology, content, and affiliations from a single, unified education management platform.

Ken42 believes educational institutions today need to deliver more to their students. With this vision, the startup designed its platform to help institutions deliver better outcomes for students, sharper insights for administrators, and improved teaching experience for faculties. It makes available technology that streamlines processes, catalyzes marketing efforts and facilitates supplementary learning offered by an institution.

The platform helps institutions with seamless education delivery, adaptive faculty management, and end-to-end student management solutions. It helps institutions acquire students, manage the institution’s brand, forge educational and professional alliances, track student and faculty activity, increase faculty productivity, manage payroll, disseminate faculty publications, connect students with the teaching community, collaborate with thought leaders, and identify trainers and mentors, among many other functions.

For educators, the platform allows complete control of their teaching style, with seamless exams, assignments, and grading experience, and facilitates community and networking support. It allows teachers to create lesson plans or interactive courses (add video, audio and graphic content), assess anytime and anywhere, and helps them connect with the larger teaching community, thoughts leaders and trainers. For students, the platform gives modern and intuitive learning experience, unlimited access to online books and course materials, and entrepreneurship and placement support by connecting them with top companies for jobs and network with the startup ecosystem among others.

According to Ganesh Raju, Founder and CEO, Ken42, the uptake of the platform have seen a rapid increase in the last few months, with more institutions shifting to remote teaching and assessments over COVID-19 pandemic. He said that the demand for consolidating document management systems had also increased in the last few months.

The Bengaluru-based startup claimed to have a series of ‘strategic alliances and long-standing relationships with premier educational institutions and governmental organizations’ which help it stay closely aligned to educational policy and change.

Meanwhile, the company said it will use the fresh funds for product development, market and business development, and operations.

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