Sharpen Your Students’ English & Math Skills This Summer with Freckle’s Differentiated Platform

Best Math app for students

Large classrooms and varied learning capabilities of students have always made it hard for teachers to personalize instruction and track student learning. This shift of institutions to remote teaching due to COVID-19 has made the task even more challenging.

Remote teaching without the right set of tools can make it impossible for a teacher to identify and especially track each student’s learning curve & help them improve their learning.

When teachers are equipped correctly, they give their students the best possible education by identifying weak areas, tacking their leaning habits, and then guiding them by providing appropriate resources and learning processes. And when students see their own growth while having access to the correct content and tools, they can start on the self-learning journey too.

The teaching community has immense respect for tools that can help them deliver differential instruction. Freckle, an online learning platform by US-based Renaissance Learning is a popular differentiation platform trusted by over 700,000 teachers worldwide allowing teachers to teach all their students at the level that’s best for them.

Freckle has a suite of easy-to-use tools for teachers to help them understand and connect with every student at their level to facilitate growth, especially in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) amongst other subjects. Freckle also allows students to improve learning through practice and helps them grow subject-specific knowledge by enabling self-directed learning. Its robust tool-set also makes evaluation and tracking easier while providing the teachers with the means to give their students the most suitable content.

Key features of Freckle for school, teachers and students:

Freckle is a one-stop-shop offering differentiated instruction across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. Some of the key features include:

  1. Teachers have everything in their dashboard and will not need to ever search around for additional lessons or materials.
  2. It lets teachers differentiate both what and how students learn with accurate assessments and practice; and grade-level benchmarking.
  3. Every student can learn and understand the material at their own level. And as they grow and learn, Freckle constantly adjusts to give them the perfect lesson.
  4. It covers all standards and skills for K-9
  5. It provides holistic data analytics and reporting to monitor progress at the individual, class, and school levels. The reports make it easy for teachers to pinpoint where students’ gaps are and where they’re ready for enrichment, extension or intervention.

A teacher spends almost 53-hours/week teaching. Personalizing education with such a schedule is nearly impossible. With tools like Freckle, teachers get automatically differentiated lessons allowing them to work on student growth. It empowers teachers to meet the needs of every student by offering inquiry-based lessons, adaptive practices, targeted assignments, benchmark assessments, reports, and a lot more.

How students can improve their math and English skills with Freckle

Math and English are two subjects that require continuous training and practice. The more the students' practice, the better they become. Freckle makes this happen. Teachers can assign practices or instruct students to practice on their own. If the teacher doesn’t give specific instructions, students can access Freckle and practice on their own any time. Freckle offers several different, age-appropriate and skill-appropriate Math and ELA activities for students to practice independently.

Freckle Math

Freckle Math is the subset of the platform that helps students improve their Math skills by continuously engaging them in challenging and assessments. Freckle Math, when used together with Star Math (an online adaptive assessment program for K-12), maximizes impact on student growth and achievement, equipping teachers with reliable and actionable data to monitor students’ math skill development and mastery. It motivates students with standards-based instruction and practice at their level & pace and engages them with differentiated and adaptive math practice that meets their unique learning styles.

The premium version of the platform gives teachers full student data and reporting, unlimited assignments, and the complete Freckle content library. School principals, academic heads and administrators can use Freckle Premium to measure student growth over time, check in on each classroom’s progress, and support teachers in delivering the most effective instruction.

Freckle ELA

For ELA, Freckle offers hundreds of fiction and non-fiction articles and comprehension questions at each student’s individual reading level with targeted skills practice, differentiated articles, word-study, benchmark assessments, and reports.

Freckle also supports ELA, Science & Social Science apart from Math. Get a 1-month free trial of Freckle Premium with full access (details below):

Best English app for students

Freckle is a research-backed platform which is proven to improve test scores and help students grow.

The company is offering a 1-month free account of Freckle Math for all Indian Schools to try this summer.

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