Amsterdam-based Wizenoze Raises €4M to Help Students Access to Best Educational Information on the Internet

EdTech News - Wizenoze Raises €4M

Wizenoze, an AI-powered edtech startup that aims to make information on the internet easier to find and understand for people, has raised €4 million to give students access to the best educational information that the internet has to offer.

The Amsterdam-based startup’s latest growth-stage funding round was led by Partners in Equity, and joined by the city-based VC CapitalT and its existing investors.

Founded in 2013 by Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers, Wizenoze helps students find and get access to relevant and high-quality educational information on the internet through its flagship product ‘Web for Classrooms’. It believes that there is too much inappropriate and irrelevant information on the internet, which makes it difficult for students to find relevant, readable and reliable educational content to support their research and study. The startup addresses this issue by facilitating access to an internet tailored for education.

Wizenoze uses AI-driven technologies that enable students to search and find content online that matches their needs and reading skills. The startup claims, as per research done on classrooms worldwide, 91% of students who access its Web for Classrooms improved their learning results.

Explaining the company’s global mission and its plans to utilize the fresh funds, Diane Janknegt, Founder and CEO, Wizenoze, said,

“This investment enables us to further improve our technology and products to roll out in the UK, Middle East, and Asia Pacific and to realize our international growth ambitions. We are on a global mission to reach 1.5 billion students and give them access to the best educational information that the internet has to offer. Matched to their own learning capabilities.”

Wizenoze’s flagship service Web for Classrooms allows users to discover relevant and readable content online. It provides easy access and links to over 16 million pages of web content from teacher-approved sources. Web for Classrooms is free from ads and it matches the learner’s reading level, allowing them to fully understand what they’re reading and improve their learning outcomes. 

Commenting on the investment, Janneke Niessen and Eva de Mol, Partners at CapitalT, said in a statement,

“Wizenoze is strongly positioned to make Web for Classrooms the new standard for use of online information in classrooms worldwide.”

Wizenoze had last raised €1.3 million in May 2017 from the Dutch government and other informal investors, according to the company, bringing the startup’s total funding to €3.1 million that year. Adding the latest round, the company has now raised a total of €7.1 million to date.

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