TeleTeachers Raises $2.7 Million to Help Improve Remote Education for Students with Disabilities

EdTech Startup News - TeleTeachers Raises $2.7 Million

TeleTeachers, an online special education startup providing engaging and effective technology-enabled learning and therapy solutions, has raised $2,785,000 to help improve remote education for students with disabilities.

The Series A round was led by Seyen Capital’s Senior Managing Director George Spencer and Jerry Putnam, the founder of Archipelago Holdings and former Chairman of Options House and President of the New York Stock Exchange. As part of the investment, both Spencer Putnam will join TeleTeachers’ board of directors, according to the company’s press statement.

Founded in 2019 by Emily Smith, a certified speech-language pathologist, TeleTeachers provides high-quality, federally-mandated special education and related therapy services through video conference via fully certified, online providers, to students from anywhere. The Chicago-based startup also works with school districts internally so they can provide remote special education and related services as needed and seamlessly recover Medicaid funding for eligible services.

Commenting on the funding, Emily Smith, Founder and CEO, TeleTeachers, said in a statement,

“Now is an incredible opportunity to innovate in education and bring unparalleled value to schools and student in this critical time of online learning adoption. As a company, we are ready and excited to continue partnering with school districts nationwide to ensure that every student has access to the services they need to succeed and to support special education teams in delivering and implementing distance learning and therapy for students with disabilities at scale. We will be successful when every student requiring special education has an exceptional experience and outcome with online learning. This funding round provides the resources to make tremendous progress toward that vision.”

Rising to the challenge of the prevailing education environment, TeleTeachers powers dynamic solutions for schools requiring education technology and support to meet federal IEP requirements, support special education teams and effectively engage students and families.

The company said it will use the latest investment to expand its provider base to satisfy a surge in demand for its services, hastened by the coronavirus, to ensure every student has access to the services they need despite the pandemic.

Commenting on the investment, George Spencer, Senior Managing Director at Seyen Capital, and who is now a board member of TeleTeachers, said,

“I am highly confident this round will position TeleTeachers and Emily to rapidly capitalize on the current market demand for efficacious online tech-enabled therapy services for schools and their students. TeleTeachers’ platform is the best I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to an exciting future.”

TeleTeachers’ technology-enabled platform helps school leaders effectively manage, deliver, and document online special education services, allows school districts to transition special education instruction and related therapy services to remote as needed, and have access to a growing roster of certified and experienced teletherapy providers.

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