Tech Tools & Apps for Kindergarten Teachers

Tech Tools & Apps for Kindergarten Teachers

Additionally, it is also available in the form of videos for purchase which can be viewed anytime; alongside, there are iDevice apps for rhymes and stories available on iTunes. It’s a great platform for parental teaching and a great aid for teachers.

ABC's with Bingzy Bee: Phonics Lite HD:

 abc with bingzeebee phonics

Take a look at this new mobile app that helps young children learn their A-B-Cs. This is a new gold winning application back to school by Bing note that teaches children learn their alphabets by songs. The "ABC's with Bingzy Bee : Phonics" app was created by an award-winning teacher for classroom and one-on-one lessons. Ideal for childrenbetween the ages of 2 and 6, Bingzy Bee is the first animated application of its kind. Unlike other apps that assume children already know letters and sounds, Bingzy Bee teaches the letters and sounds through song then uses animated games to help reinforce what the child just learned.Using a professionally trained phonetics teacher, the app helps kids learn the correct phonetics at an early age and prepares them to read and write. The application also comes loaded with bonus new songs, like "I Believe I Can" and "Jump!" that encourage kids to become positive thinkers and reinforces healthy eating habits along with regular exercise. In initial uses, children responded to the application enthusiastically and were able to sing along with Bingzy's ABC Song.

Bingzy Bee is available for download on the iTunes in the iTunes App Store as a free application and a paid application. It is compatible with any apple mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. For more information, visit .

Spy Tools:

spy tools

Spy tool is an awesome app to improve creativity in Kids. It’s having several existing functioning tools like disguise kit, identification kit, fingerprint scanner, voice changer, and night vision goggles. If you teach kids how to use this tool, their creative skills will be increased.

Disguise Kit is a very funny kit where you can make you and your friends’ images look funny. You can add Hats, Wigs, Mustache, Beards and Glasses to the faces.

Identification Kit is a false ID creating tool, here you can add a photo, edit the text fields to customize, including the driver license state, passport country, spy agency name, security clearance, and more.

Finger print scanner will identify your finger print. It won’t actually scan but can randomly accept or reject the finger print.

Voice changer can allow you to change your voice. Younger or older, and you can also record it up to 15 seconds.

Night Vision Goggles will show images in dark conditions.

All the tools allow you to post the edited image to Facebook and you can also save it.

Hope you’ve got to know some awesome tech tools and apps to progress the learning of kids. So, Don’t wait! Do implement these apps and tools and see the kids improving.

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