Clever Harvey Launches a Free Program on Problem-Solving Skills for Schools

EdTech News - Clever Harvey Launches a Free Program on Problem-Solving Skills for Schools

Clever Harvey a 21st-century skilling company, has just announced that it will be making its program for problem-solving and adaptability skills – The Prodigy – free for schools in India.

Founded by former IIM and Ivy League alumni, Clever Harvey enables students to prepare for an uncertain tomorrow. Their programs are designed by a team that specializes in online learning. As they have seen their courses take off exponentially during the lockdown, they realized it is because students are craving a learning experience online which is fun, authentic and engaging. The Prodigy program equips students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, using current global issues.

For example, the current challenges presented to students are designing a contactless sport for the Olympics; helping the WHO design a health advisory that the public will pay heed to or even design innovative ways to reduce food wastage. Each challenge is 6 hours long. Students are taught the skills of approaching these problems in an open-minded manner. They then use what they have learned to create group projects and present these at the end.

Speaking about the free offering for schools, Ram Subramanian, CEO and Co-founder, Clever Harvey, said, "The enrolment for our courses has soared during the lockdown.  We realized that students are longing for social connection and engagement online. 95% of our students say our method of teaching online is the best they have experienced.  Our unique project-based methodology has them hooked. On the other hand, parents are worried about their children not getting holistic development with online school. Teachers already going far above and beyond to teach online. Extending our expertise is the least we could do in these times to support the holistic development of children.

To avail of this offer, schools must be able to provide 6 slots of 1 hour each, spread over 2 weeks. The program is conducted online, and students will need video and audio capability. All sessions are conducted in small group sizes. The 2-week program culminates in a parent showcase.

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About Clever Harvey

Clever Harvey was launched with the mission of helping all students develop the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. The team behind Clever Harvey comprises Ivy League and IIM graduates, who have experience in both education and the business world.

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