Renaissance Learning Looks for Partners to Extend its K12 Education Solutions Across India

EdTech Company looking for partners in India

US-based educational software company, Renaissance Learning, is set to expand its operations in India and is looking for partners to help reach its products and services to the K12 segment across the country.


Renaissance Learning is a global leader in assessment, reading, and math solutions for Pre-K-12 schools and districts. It provides educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. Renaissance solutions are used by over one-third of all schools in the US, more than 52,000 schools worldwide and the company operates in 96+ countries.

What Renaissance Learning actually does?

Renaissance believes that empowering teachers is integral to school success. Thus, it enables them to transform learning experiences, achieve student growth and makes an outstanding impact on every student’s learning. It provides assessment, practice, and professional development solutions that enable educators and teachers to analyze, customize, and plan personalized learning paths for students, allowing them to create the best learning experiences in the classroom. Schools and learning centres across the world use Renaissance’s solutions to analyze student abilities and guide high-quality instruction to drive phenomenal learning growth.

Renaissance also provides world-class support, professional development, leadership, and recognition to celebrate and invest in teachers worldwide.

Products and Services Renaissance Learning offers:

Renaissance offers reliable, accurate, and actionable insights into student achievements and attendance trends, assessments of early learning, access to high-quality reading materials for all ages along with support for independent reading practice and teacher-led, differentiated instruction solutions. Some of its flagship products include:

  • Star Assessment: A digital, cloud-based assessment suite for schools. Renaissance Star Assessment provides a 360° view of student reading, math, early literacy, and custom assessments. Using the tool, teachers can see what students have already mastered, the next goals they need to reach, and what the best path to success looks like for each student.
  • myIGDIs: A set of early childhood assessments, Individual Growth & Development Indicators (IGDIs) helps preschool educators monitor the developmental progress of early reading and math, and growth of children.
  • Accelerated Reader: Accelerated Reader allows teachers to effortlessly create personalized goals to make reading practice most effective. It makes it easy to build motivation, engagement, and a love for reading by matching students with reading suggestions aligned to their interests at the appropriate level of challenge, and by offering more choice in what to read next.
  • myON: It is a personalized digital library that gives students unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books with built-in scaffolds to support readers at every level. It also provides tools and resources educators need to guide and enrich students’ reading, then monitors and celebrate their achievements at every step.
  • Accelerated Math: It is a software tool used to customize assignments and monitor progress in mathematics for students in grades 1-12. Accelerated Math creates individualized assignments that align with state standards and national guidelines, scores student work, and generates formative feedback through reports for teachers and students.
  • Freckle: Freckle helps teachers differentiate instruction quickly and effectively delivers guided practice to every student at their own academic level across Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, and Sciences.
  • Schoolzilla: Schoolzilla’s dashboards allow educators to gain the critical insights needed to evaluate trends in student attendance and achievement, enact change, and improve outcomes for all learners. It allows schools to put all their data in one place to spot trends and track growth quickly, and easily. The customizable dashboards can aggregate data from over 135 education data sources, including student information systems, attendance, assessments, suspensions, course grades, behaviour management systems, and more.

India Strategy and Partnership Program

Committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help students build a strong foundation for success, Renaissance Learning, is now looking to expand in India as well. It is actively looking for Indian companies that primarily serve Indian schools and, especially, those who already offer some language learning product/service to the K12 segment. The partnership program will allow companies to offer student and teacher proven & tested products & services to their customers. The program focuses on bridging the knowledge, experience, and technology gap for the partners as well as the consumers – schools.

You may apply for the partnership program using this online application/inquiry form.

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