Google Launches Employment App 'Kormo Jobs' in India to Help People Find Jobs

Google Launches Kormo Jobs in India

Tech giant Google has expanded its employment application ‘Kormo Jobs’ by bringing the app to India to help job seekers find and apply for positions across the country.

The Kormo Jobs app lists jobs, and helps users discover recommended jobs on the basis of their profile and apply for suitable matches. The app also helps job seekers learn new skills, and also allows them to create a digital Curriculum Vitae (CV) by providing certain details that can be shared or printed through the app.

According to Bickey Russell, Regional Manager and Operations Lead at Kormo Jobs, who announced the news in a blog post, the app was originally piloted in Bangladesh and subsequently launched in Indonesia, under the brand Kormo Jobs. Google also launched a similar offering in India last year under the brand ‘Jobs as a Spot’ on its payment application – Google Pay. Russell said that since making Jobs available as a Spot, it has connected millions of job seekers with opportunities in fast-growing categories, and companies like Zomato and Dunzo have found the Jobs matching algorithm effective in finding candidates with the required skills, experience and location preferences, with over 2 million verified jobs posted on the platform.

Announcing the bringing of the app after witnessing massive growth potential in the country, Bickey Russell said,

“Encouraged by this momentum and to lend support to employment efforts in a post-pandemic world, we are bringing our Kormo Jobs Android app to India to help even more job seekers discover and apply for jobs across India with an additional gateway.”

Russell added that simultaneously, the Jobs Spot on Google Pay will be rebranded to Kormo Jobs to create a consistent experience for users. He further said that the company will continue to invest in the app with new features and jobs to help its users continue to benefit from its convenience.

Highlighting the challenges in the current job market and how Google aims to help address the problem, Russell added,

“In the wake of the pandemic, the job landscape stands altered, with demand shifting to new services that require different sets of skills and experience. Businesses of all sizes face the challenges of the new normal, while job seekers are having to adapt to this shift quickly. We are heartened to be able to play a helpful role in facilitating connections to impact lives for the better.”

While Jobs Spot on Google Pay was specifically for entry-level positions, with Kormo Jobs, Google may go beyond this to compete with Microsoft’s LinkedIn as well as Indian-origin job search portals such as, TimesJobs, and

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