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Five years ago, Don’t Memorise started with a vision, a dream, to teach millions of learners across the globe. And we did this the right way, by making our learners truly understand what they are learning.

Rote learning might make you pass a few exams, but this is as far as it can take you. On the other hand, if you decide to understand the real concepts behind what you are being taught, that knowledge will never leave you.

Our beginnings were humble, but our purpose was courageous. As we travelled along this journey, we amassed great knowledge and intellect by interacting with students of various age groups. This helped us create some extraordinary and impactful content for our viewers. Today, we have an inventory of over 4000 high-quality videos. We have covered Math & Science for class 6 to 10, Test prep Quant & Vocabulary (GMAT, GRE, CAT etc.) and a few more series like Kyu Box & One Minute Bites. Within a span of 5-years, we achieved a global outreach, amassing more than a million followers and 110 million+ views on our YouTube channel.

But we didn't stop there. Apart from educational and academic videos, we have created a variety of skill-based videos. Our most recent videos are for the greater good of students and teachers. As we descended to this global pandemic, the education landscape changed. The shift from a physical space to a virtual one wasn’t easy for our students or teachers. We realised that online teaching was the only way forward, but this required some basic knowledge of the variety of online tools available for teaching.

So how did Don’t Memorise contribute?

Well, we created a series of video lectures in collaboration with Google India & YouTube on training the teachers at -

  • Efficiently creating and managing a YouTube channel for their students
  • Using the Google Classroom to conduct live classes, share notes and assess the student’s progress

These tutorials are absolutely free of any charges. This was our way of thanking millions of teachers that relentlessly work for the benefit of their students.

Language can never be allowed to be a barrier in teaching - our videos are aired in English as well as Hindi. Also, our English videos have subtitles in 9 languages like Bangla, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Tamil.

This initiative was a great success and we are now moving towards the next goal - to teach a billion students! This will definitely be a challenge if we strive for it alone. So here we are today, with an ambition to influence the world, and requesting you to partner with us, to create an educated world, where everyone shares our philosophy - “Me to We”.

You can reach us through this form. We will be highly obliged to hear from you all.

Here is a small note by the visionary who created Don’t Memorise -

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having a small team from a small room creating a large-scale impact by educating millions of students!

That’s precisely what I want to do with the help of my team at Don’t Memorise. I want to teach a billion students using affordable education. And I realised early on that one of the ways of doing that is by collaborating with educational organisations or teachers or individuals that teach a bunch of students.

If you have a similar dream of enhancing the education ecosystem while enhancing your product and your outreach, I look forward to hearing from you.

   - Ganesh Pai

About the Author
Author: Ganesh Pai
Ganesh-Pai Prior to founding Don't Memorise, Ganesh worked for over 5 years in the fields of Information Technology(Mastek) and Finance(Crisil). He has also worked as a high school math tutor with TutorVista, an Indian EdTech company.
He's an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, and also a TED-Ed Educator. He has created 2 lessons with TED-Ed which have crossed 8 million views.
Ganesh is also an advisory board member with the Economic Times Edge group for the New Age Education Symposium.
Follow him - Twitter | LinkedIn

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