DIY: Great Site and App for Students To Gain Numerous Skills

DIY: Great Site and App for Students To Gain Numerous Skills

Creativity is a super power; but not every human is gifted with this skill. The way the Creative people thinks; let them stand in the top among others.  If you are a creative kid, it’s time to share your knowledge globally. If you are trying

 to be creative, you need to learn some more skills. Yes, I’m saying about a gifted site, a gifted app and a golden opportunity for sharing your skills, gaining new knowledge.

DIY is a place for kids to share what they do, meet others who love the same skills, and be awesome.

Anyone can become anything just by trying. You can learn by doing. Exchanging skills and ideas can build the world. This is what DIY is all about. Sharing works, meeting people with similar interests, gaining knowledge: these features may resemble a social networking site, but it’s more than a social networking site. “Social networks today are about what you like, not what you do,” said Isaiah Saxon, a DIY founder and its Chief Creative Officer.

This site is already having many talented users who actively participate in doing creative works. Once you signed up for DIY, you will find several categories like Stream, Explore, Search and Skills.

If you click on Skills, you will find 84 varieties of skills. By clicking on the categories, you can find numerous works, projects, pictures related to the skill. Let me give a brief info about some familiar skills.


Everyone is secretly an amazing dancer. The best dancing happens when you don't care what people will think. Dancer skill category improves your dancing skills. Here you can see many people uploading their dancing performances. You can learn, share and compete.


We’re all photographers. We can’t stop clicking the camera button whenever we find something interesting, beautiful, and funny and etc. You can share your work here, find similar photographs, learn photographic skills and be awesome. Visit Photographer.


This category is about drawing artists. Illustrator is the one who tell stories with drawings and paintings. There are so many sub categories where you can share your drawings. Visit Illustrator.

You can also find many more skills like Mechanical Engineer, Painter, Potter, Social Engineer and so on.

If you select a skill, there will be many sub categories; after you enter the respective category, you will find a Do it option. You can upload the respective work if you have it with you otherwise you can just skip it. There are many options like sharing, making a work as your favorite, and you can also give them feedbacks through comments.

Signing up to DIY:

Signing up to DIY is a way different from any other site. It will never ask your name or gender or date of birth or photograph. You can give your nick name and make a funny picture provided there as your Avatar.

After you signed up, it’ll ask your parent’s permission to let you access fully. Confused!!! Let me clear that for you. It will treat your DIY profile as a kid and your mail id as your parent, after you’ve done your verification through your mail id, you will be allowed access the website effectively.

You can add your projects, skills and favorites; you can also share someone’s work if you like it. If people like your projects and skills, they may follow you. Getting feedbacks, favorites and also followers will give you joy and recognition to your work. You can follow the people you like, appreciate their works and learn from them. So, take a look on one of the most useful websites.

This video will let you know more about DIY. Watch and Enjoy.

Build. Make. Hack. Grow.


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