7Classes Raises Funding

7Classes, a competitive exams-focused education technology platform, has raised fresh capital from startup incubator and accelerator Venture Catalysts.

While the Mumbai-based company did not disclose the amount it raised, it plans to use the fresh capital to expand to interior parts of the country, and also to build out its confidence-diagnosis model.

Founded by Anup Raaj, Arvind Patel, Ranjan Kumar, and Arun Kumar, 7Classes provides a platform for aspiring IIT, engineering, medical and Olympiads students to learn and prepare for competitive exams. It follows a unique and out-of-box approach which includes features such as only 7 students in one batch, reverse interaction by the teacher, two-teacher model of teaching, and confidence diagnosis-based learning, etc.

7Classes also makes use of individual growth tacking systems and self-determined learning. It currently focuses on students from classes 9th to 12th, and in India, Dubai, and the United States.

Commenting on the funding and how it will help the company and its goal for this year, Anup Raaj, Co-founder of 7Classes, said,

“Our current fundraise will allow us to reach out to the grassroots of the country. This year our goal is to ensure we are a known educational brand in Indian and Dubai market. Fund will be spent on building the confidence diagnosis, teacher empowerment tech in 12-15 languages to make it reachable and accessible to almost every parent.”

7Classes study kit comes with a plan, deadline and needed resources to help students go faster than anyone else. Students can customise their learning plans to suit their needs any day, anytime. The platform also offers self-study routine for every batch and student, online and offline doubt clearing facilities, and also dedicated performance manager, counseling, and weekly motivation sessions for students and parents.

Expressing his impression with the concept of 7Classes, Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Co-founder and President, Venture Catalysts, said,

“We were really impressed with the concept of 7Classes, which aims to address the fundamental problems that disrupt the education of children. The founding team is well qualified and experienced to guide students as and when they face any difficulties. We are confident that their unique teaching model will receive a positive response from both students and parents across India, Dubai and the US.”

Needless to mention, Anup Raaj is a Super30 and IIT Bombay alumni, and much like Super30, where only 30 students get coached by Anand Kumar, 7Classes takes up students in batches of seven and prepares them for International Olympiads, IIT JEE, and NEET exams. The Mumbai-based startup, which has 151 of its students appearing for the last entrance exams, now plans to take it up to 1,000.

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