Few Educational Apps For Special Needs

Few Educational Apps For Special Needs

Conditions like cerebral palsy among others leave children with difficulties in communication. Along with other special needs, these people need a quality life. The introduction of disability living allowance contact is one way of making sure that this 

group of people does not have difficulties in undertaking their day to day activities. The tax free benefits normally target the adults and children. However, for children accessibility to education is much desired. Many companies and groups have fronted the desire to see learning and life become easy. Quality life has been enhanced to a greater extent through use of specially designed apps.


With the current computer and technological developments, developers have managed to come up with applications which make learning to disabled kids less daunting. These applications in most cases are designed to ensure that kids and their tutors can interact with ease. Among major considerations are various communication methods. The smart phone age and computers has seen simpler gadgets being made and can be easily used by children.

Talk assist

For children or those who cannot speak, this app forms a communication channel to the others with ease. As the challenge of teaching disabled normally is complicated by communication problems, this app helps by providing a platform where learners can type in a phrase and it is converted into a voice. this eases the means of getting feedback from these group. The major strength of this application is connected to the following.

  • Phrases can be stored; this means they can be used again without writing.
  • Saves time and misunderstanding which may occur in the use of sign language
  •  Easy to use, Depending on the age the application usage can be learned.


This app takes notes hand free. For the groups which don't have the hearing capability or cannot write due to associated disabilities, they can use if get what is taught in written format. With this app grownups can learn and enjoy learning with able learners and thus experience the fun connected to normal learning. Major advantages of the app include the following.

  • Notes can be shared as they are saved as computer based files and documents.
  • Search function is essential in helping one locate desired item.
  • Convenient as it can work on different platforms or devices.

Personal assistant (SIRI)

This is one of the most helpful application which acts as a personal assistant for special need learners who may be suffering from conditions like autism and may lack enough memory to act in line with other class mates. For example the tool can be set to remind them to go to a certain place at a certain time. The benefits of this app are its ability to reduce dependency and thus learners are more confident since they learn to depend on themselves. In addition the app can

  • Make calls
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Send short messages
  • Employs simple touch and thus convenient and easy to use

These are just a few applications. Depending on the needs parents can make special arrangements to have a look on what is on offer and how their children may be assisted. Disability Living Allowance contact can be used to purchase these as they are cheap. Some are free, individuals need to only buy gadgets supported and they can download such. With current mass customization different apps can be developed to assist special needs to ensure good quality of life for learners.

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