1to1PROGRESS Brings its Online Language Learning Solutions for Professionals to India, Looks for Reseller Partners

Foreign language learning solutions

Learning globally recognised languages has never been so important as it is today. This is because we’re at an unprecedented level of globalisation and interconnectedness.

More companies than ever are doing business in several countries at once. But you know what? They can’t do it without hiring people who have a grasp of at least one foreign language. Indian companies are no exception. With the country emerging as a prominent global player, it is imperative for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions to be equipped with an excellent language hold.

Learning globally recognised languages like English, Spanish, French, German, etc. can open doors for individuals to more interesting and satisfying personal and professional lives, domestic and international business opportunities, recognition, and reputation.

1to1PROGRESS is bringing this opportunity to Indians by collaborating with companies, learning and development centres, professional training institutes and language schools by offering grey labelled, & reseller solutions.

What is 1to1PROGRESS and what does it offer?

Founded in 2010, 1to1PROGRESS is a globally recognised distance language learning company from France with expertise in training working professionals, businesses, language schools, and individuals. It offers one-on-one, virtual classes, E-learning, micro learning, and flexible training courses led by over 150 certified native trainers for French, English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. The company has so far worked with over 900 clients and has delivered more than 650,000 sessions to over 25,000 learners with a 99.7% satisfaction rate. 1to1PROGRESS caters to a wide range of customers including some of the largest corporates like Altran, Dassault, and Vinci.

Foreign language learning solutions Partner Program

What differentiates 1to1PROGRESS from other language training companies?

1to1PROGRESS uses a unique CLT (Communicative Language Training) approach which aims at building an environment where learning is targeted at what is most relevant to the learner’s needs while building a bond where the learner feels encouraged and motivated to keep progressing. Some of the outstanding features and benefits that the company offers are:

  • Proprietary LMS for language learning only – 1to1PROGRESS has developed a proprietary LMS that only focuses on language learning. The platform is targeted to deliver successful and professional language learning experience.
  • Blended approach – Whether the solution is required by a large corporate team or by an individual, 1to1PROGRESS’ blended learning pedagogical approach is suited for all-sized learning needs while being cost effective. Language assessments – 1to1PROGRESS conducts a two-step comprehensive CEFR-based language level evaluation. These evaluations are conducted by native, experienced, and certified language trainers following a strict standard to identify needs and objectives in order to propose the best suited method to ensure learner progress.
  • Individual live training – 1to1PROGRESS provides a unique way of learning through customised 1on1 live training sessions. It allows learners to immerse in personalised learning paths which target all linguistic aspects: oral comprehension and production, written comprehension and expression, and vocabulary & grammar.
  • Group lessons – The company also offers interactive themed group lessons in virtual classes, enabling learners to engage in a variety of discussions and activities with other learners.
  • Flexibility – 1to1PROGRESS offers the utmost freedom in the choice of trainers, the best suited training delivery methods, and session duration.
  • My Matching – A unique, smart algorithm developed by 1to1PROGRESS, My Matching® facilitates the ideal pedagogic match between learners and trainers best suited to their learning & teaching styles, optimising the overall learning experience and guaranteeing increased motivation.
  • E-learning library and My Media – Learners can enjoy unlimited access to 1to1PROGRESS’ E-learning library with thousands of educational documents and activities to work and practice with at their own pace. The “My Media” feature provides access to hundreds of quizzed videos and articles on current events to practice listening skills, and oral & written comprehension.
  • Customised programmes – 1to1PROGRESS’ made-to-measure personalised programmes are customised through selecting modules from over 500 themes, categorised by industry sectors, jobs, and skills, with exam proficiency preparation modules.
  • My Exam – My Exam gives learners access to over 100 exam preparation review sheets and 30 sample mock tests to build confidence in taking a language certification exam.

The company is looking for clients (businesses and individuals) and Indian reseller partners to extend its products & services.

With over a decade of experience in online language training, 1to1PROGRESS’ partners can ride the wave of upskilling and language learning and focus on scaling their business. With 1to1 PROGRESS’ trainer expertise, an extensive ergonomic LMS platform exclusive for language learning, and personalised administrative documentations, and many others, a partner can easily setup or adopt 1to1 PROGRESS’s Language Learning Solution.

Be one of the first to use 1to1PROGRESS’ language learning solutions in India, and enjoy a limited special offer! Please visit https://1to1progress.com/edtechreview for more information and offer details.

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