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In 2014, Mr Ganesh Pai (TED-ed educator) founded Don’t Memorise, with a dream of teaching a billion students across the globe. And doing this the right way, by making them truly understand what they are learning. Rote learning might make you pass a few exams, but this is as far as it can take you. On the other hand, if you decide to understand the real concepts behind what you are taught, that knowledge will never leave you.

Our bite-sized educational videos help students understand rigorous concepts and clear misconceptions surrounding them. Rather than teaching tips and tricks for fast learning, we focus on real learning. Learning why and how something works is better than just memorizing what has to be written down.

So far, we have received 150 million+ views for our 4000+ videos that have helped over 50 million learners from 195+ countries. Not only this, we are among the top 8 educators from India who received the 'YouTube Learning Fund' from the multinational tech giant, Google.

Along with all this, we are a firm believer in the philosophy- ‘Me to We'. Making our content available all is the best possible way of reaching out to every curious learner out there, yearning for knowledge and education. We wish to get you onboard, to help us teach a billion learners.

Here are a few of our offerings:
Grade 6 to 10 Math + Science (~1800 videos)
Grades 11 and 12 Math + Science (~500 videos)
Test Prep Quant (GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT) (~250 videos)
Vedic Maths (~60 videos)
Misc: Kyu Box (season 1 to 3), Riddles, One Minute Bites videos.

Don’t Memorise, over the years, has amassed a huge client base who share our vision of educating a billion learners all over the world. Some top names include Oswaal books, Vedantu, Scholr, Study IQ who use our videos to add value to their products.

There are millions of creators out there, creating impeccable educational videos loaded with every bit of information required on that subject. And Don’t Memorise takes this up a notch by integrating knowledge in a much easier manner so that no learner has to struggle at understanding any concept.

Here is why you should choose Don't Memorise:

  1. Premium quality videos created by experts.
  2. Our videos do not have ads.
  3. No sourcing of video content required.
  4. Clutter-free interface, no YouTube only Vimeo.
  5. You can price your product higher by integrating our videos.
  6. We provide quick hassle-free solutions.
  7. Complete support in terms of updating video content.
  8. Easily customise licensed videos content with your branding.

To experience the Don't Memorise teaching style, you can visit our YouTube channel where we have garnered over 1.5 million+ subscribers and 125 million+ views.

Yes, we know that in the end, it all boils down to pricing.

Is licensing Don't Memorise video content expensive?

Not at all. We offer a custom pricing model that you can find out about by getting in touch with us. So fill this form & we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Let's join hands to teach a billion students!

About the Author
Author: Ganesh Pai
Ganesh-Pai Prior to founding Don't Memorise, Ganesh worked for over 5 years in the fields of Information Technology(Mastek) and Finance(Crisil). He has also worked as a high school math tutor with TutorVista, an Indian EdTech company.
He's an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, and also a TED-Ed Educator. He has created 2 lessons with TED-Ed which have crossed 8 million views.
Ganesh is also an advisory board member with the Economic Times Edge group for the New Age Education Symposium.
Follow him - Twitter | LinkedIn

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