Tampa-based Script Raises $500K to Help Educators Move Past Paperwork

Script Raises $500K

Script, a Tampa-based EdTech startup that helps schools go paperless, has raised $500,000 in fresh funding to accelerate its continued growth.

The latest funding is said to be part of the $1.5 million raise the company has initiated in April 2019, according to US Securities and Exchange Commission documents.

Founded in 2018 by Aaron White and Patrick Cahill, Script helps convert paper-based documents digitally, building out a digital automation process for districts to better navigate the reams of paperwork seen in the education sector. It was created by education leaders and IT professionals dedicated to improving education through innovation.

Script aims to help educators move past paperwork. It believes that districts and schools are often burdened by thousands of complex paper processes to get simple everyday tasks done. The startup strives to improve education by automating these processes to empower educators to focus on what matters most.

It was a move that made sense to Aaron White, Co-founder and CEO, Script, who feels “District officials can’t track physical paper, so if there was a holdup it would take several steps and discussions to alleviate the problem.”

White said the new funding will help further the company’s growth, from adding teammates to marketing and investing in new technology. The company currently has 13 employees, with its headquarters in Tampa-based co-working space Workhouse.

Speaking about the company, Dan Greco, COO of Script, said,

“We come in almost with a consultant mindset, hear what they are looking for and match up what our program offers. It gives schools a better transparency, mobility and compliance versus traditional papers – whether that’s a financial document or multi-signature document – the system can carry it through to succession.”

Script claims to have seen massive growth in the last eight months, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which triggered the rise in adoption of digital solutions across the world. It said in 2019 the company had its presence in less than 10 states, but now it’s up to 23.

Greco said the company has prepared for a tremendous 2021 and 2022, and they are trying to scale the organizations to be able to service that growth that they expect.

While Script is currently in the K-12 space, White said there’s potential to grow in the higher education sector or even expand beyond the education field altogether. According to him, the company is getting requests from higher education institutions all the time.

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