This Social Learning Platform is Enabling Kids to Become Content Creators

Digital Aristotle

Due to the pandemic, schools have been shut and kids have been forced to take regular classes at home. What most of them miss is the banter of the average classroom and the eclectic mix of friends that come with it.

Digital Aristotle, one of India’s emerging EdTech companies, has launched an application called Dosti Ki Paathshaala to rekindle these connections. The app gamifies the classroom experience by allowing kids to choose the classroom characters they miss the most and create their very own music video to pay tribute to them. It allows kids to tag their friends and share the videos on social platforms or download the video for themselves.

The complex algorithm of the application ensures that each video is unique based on the choices each creator makes. The app shines the spotlight on the creativity and adaptability of the users, giving them thousands of combinations of notes to create music with.

Explaining about the app and how they came up with the idea, Dev Roy, Founder and MD, Digital Aristotle, said,

“Children thrive in social settings and a lot of cognitive growth happens through peers. With the pandemic keeping children at home, we felt that a way to rekindle these connections was through creative social interactions. Since our app is a social learning app, when Carl suggested this idea we jumped on it.”

The concept was conceptualized and executed by their Bengaluru-based creative agency – Bluebot Digital Pvt Ltd. The characters include hilarious stereotypes such as the ‘enthu-cutlet’ vying for teaches attention or Ms. Sporty who really does not want to be in class.

Weighing in on the creative process of crafting the ‘Dosti Ki Paathshaala’ app, Carl Savio, Chief Creative Officer, Bluebot Digital, said,

“One of the best things about being in class is being in class. If you think back, we all had our mini cliques and besties. So we wanted to create an experience that enables kids to virtually go back to their classrooms and the best part is the application is an active experience that enables kids to actually create their very own sharable music video and let their pals know how they feel.”

About Digital Aristotle:

Digital Aristotle is an emerging technology company headquartered in Bengaluru, leveraging the modern technologies of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to deliver meaningful insights from data that can be customised to meet the personal needs of the individual. Its solutions deliver high-quality analytics to better understand oneself and thereby take corrective actions. The company currently works in the domains of education and healthcare.

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