Great Online Resources to Learn Grammar

Great Online Resources to Learn Grammar

“The way that I approached numbers, think about them, the same as for language as well-acquiring vocabulary, understanding the grammar, the structures of languages, the rhythm, the music and so-on - these things obviously evolved”, said Daniel Tammet.

In our school days, we were first taught alphabets. After few years we were taught rules of grammar and then we felt comfortable in writing and speaking English. Grammar is a heart for any language, especially when we want to speak fluently and write efficiently, we must perfect ourselves in grammar. If we are good with grammar, we can play with language. The most important part in learning English is Grammar. There are many online resources for upgrading your grammar skills. Here we are providing you a collection of some best resources. Keep reading.

Whether you’re starting with the very basics such as understanding the meaning of verbs and nouns and correct apostrophe placement, or wanting to understand more complex topics such as conjunctions, syntax optimization and creative writing techniques, is your best resource covering all the above things. Jennifer Froast, the author of this site, has written many lessons and kept many downloadable files available for us. You can get the answer for every doubt of yours in English grammar; you can even comment your advanced doubts or send as personal message to her. is a general English language site, specializing in ESL (English as a Second Language) with a wide range of resources for learners and teachers of English, and has been running since the beginning of 2002.many more printable topics, continuous practice sessions and tests are available. More than just practicing, you can interact with other learners. Many resources like letter writings, essays, text analyzer and word checker are also available. Testing category contains quizzes, polls and tips etc.

Grammar Handbook:

Grammar Handbook explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage. This is really a good resource for beginners. Visit and learn.

English Club:

English Club is full of grammar quizzes. If you’re interested to participate in quizzes, you must visit this site. You can upgrade your grammar skills by doing these quizzes; it can help in Inquiry Based Learning.

English Leap:

You can learn English by interacting with other learners; this site is having more than a million users. Improve grammar, vocabulary and spoken English with Free English quizzes, exercises, lessons and videos provided here. Register for 100 hours of interactive content to improve your grammar, vocabulary and spoken English.

English Grammar Secrets:

English Grammar Secrets site is full of free lessons related to grammar. Learning grammar Use these English grammar lessons for self-study or to consolidate your lessons with your teacher. You’ll find exercises for every topic, it’s a good site that not only explains you but also keep you in practice.

Perfect English Grammar:

You can find many downloadable materials, verb tenses, conditionals, questions and many more. You can do grammar exercises, watch videos and also interact with author. By using Perfect English Grammar, I’m sure you’ll perfect your English grammar.

Grammar is not an exact science; in fact it’s not a science at all. Even the most experienced people will also sometimes do mistakes with grammar. There are many more discussions going across the world about English Grammar rules. So, keep updating your knowledge with the resources provided here. Do you know more such efficient resources? Add them in the comment box. 

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